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Architecture competition titled 2nd Non Architecture Competition: Alternative Design for Factories - Making is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

About competition

Non architecture competitions have been recently launched their 2nd architecture competition themed "Making" dedicated to alternative designs for factories with the aims to find unconventional and unexplored design solutions in the field of architecture.

The aim of the "Making" architecture competition is to develop a design proposal for the factory typology, intended as a place of creation and processing of goods of any kind.

It is asked to the participants to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of factory.

Recently many initiatives, such as fab labs and Makers faires, have been proposing new interpretations of the functioning of factories, using on demand production and 3D printing to develop extremely successful models.

Non architecture is also unconventional in its submission requirements. The participants are in fact asked to submit one zip folder containing:

- a presentation image (JPeg), showing the qualities of your design, in one catchy and representative impression.

- a technical image (JPeg), showing in a 2d drawing a specific technical/organizational aspect of the project.

- a functional image (JPeg), showing a specific functional peculiar aspect of the project.

- a Word document with a subtitle for the project (max 10 words) and a short description (max 200 words).

- a Word document with the following information: name surname of the team members.
The text must be written in english.

All the images must be A4 ,300 dpi, Portrait (vertical). The size it is meant to be a frame for your work, so there is no need to completely fill the layout with images. Try to convey in each file one specific idea in one simple image. Avoid to overcrowd it with too much material.

With similar creative attitude the participants are urged to create an artefact, merging considerable programmatic innovation and valuable design tools.
The proposal can be a device, a piece of furniture, an interior design project, a pavilion, a building or a urban plan.
Scale of intervention, program dimensions and location are not given and they can be arranged by the participants to better suit their project.

The Non Architecture Competitions books will include all selected projects.

2nd Non Architecture Competition registration fees are:

- 15 June 2016 – Special registration (30 Euro),
- 15 July 2016 – Early registration (45 Euro).
- 15 August 2016 – Regular registration (60 Euro),
- 27 August 2016 – Late registration (75 Euro).


Entry is open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups (totaling a maximum of 5 people) or individually.


There will be three winners in the competition, each awarded with 1,000 Euro, publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and online, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs. Twelve Honorable Mentions will be also awarded with publication and reviews.

For all further informations about competition 2nd Non Architecture Competition: Alternative Design for Factories - Making you can visit the following official website:

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