Science Without Borders Challenge 2017 – Reef SuperSpecies - ART CHALLENGE

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The winners have been announced!

Art challenge titled Science Without Borders Challenge 2017 – Reef SuperSpecies is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

Science Without Borders Challenge 2017 – Reef SuperSpecies

About competition

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has announced the 2017 art competition titled Science Without Borders (SWB) Challenge, to once again, inspire student creativity while learning about important ocean conservation issues.

Organizer of this art competition is The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, a US based, non-profit foundation dedicated to conserving and restoring oceans through applied science, education and outreach, and working with local partners and governments to promote coral reef conservation.

The competition for 2017 is themed “Reef SuperSpecies”.

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s Science without Borders® Challenge is an international artistic competition that engages students to promote the need to preserve, protect, and restore the world’s oceans and aquatic resources.

This competition was created to get students and teachers interested in ocean conservation through various forms of art. This annual contest inspires students to be creative while learning about important ocean conservation issues.

For this year’s Challenge, use your imagination to create a piece of art that illustrates a made-up Reef SuperSpecies. A Reef SuperSpecies is an organism (plant or animal) that has found a way to adapt to a deadly threat facing coral reef ecosystems. You can make up an organism or base your organism off of an already existing reef organism.

Throughout the world, coral reefs are rapidly declining due to anthropogenic (human-induced) and natural threats. Even threats that were once considered natural are now intensified by human disturbances. Coral reefs face many threats including ocean acidification, bleaching, overfishing, pollution, and so much more. Organisms that are a part of the coral reef ecosystem are negatively affected by these threats.
In order for these reef organisms to survive the prolonged threats that they face, they may need to adapt to changes in their environment.

In your artwork, make sure to illustrate your organism (Reef SuperSpecies), the threat posed to the coral reef, and your organism’s adaptation(s). You may include one or more adaptations, but please only choose one organism. The adaptation(s) can be anatomical, physiological, or behavioral. Please do not write the adaptation(s) on your artwork.

The artwork must be 2D such as a painting or drawing. Acceptable media include: paint, pencil, marker, crayon, ink, and oil pastel. Digitally created artwork, including photographs, are not accepted.

You must send your original artwork. Digital copies of artwork are NOT permitted.

All submissions must be made by an individual artist. Group submissions are not permitted.

Participants may submit only 1 art piece.

There is no entry fee for this competition!


Primary and secondary school students 11-19 years old from any part of the world are invited to participate, for a chance to be awarded with scholarships of up to $500, for their winning entries.


Winners of the Science Without Borders® Challenge will be publicly announced. Prizes awarded to contestant winners are as follows:

- 1st Place: $500
- 2nd Place: $350
- 3rd Place: $200

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