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Book award titled The Images Vevey Book Award 2017/2018 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

The Images Vevey Book Award 2017/2018

About competition

Under the umbrella of Images Vevey, the Images Vevey book award is a book award that supports the creation of a book project that showcases an optimal and original balance between publication format and photographic content with the aims to finance the production of an original book by June 2018, which will be presented at Festival Images Vevey 2018.

The Images Vevey Book Award supports the creation of a book project that showcases an optimal and original balance between publication format and photographic content. It provides a financial contribution that seeks to encourage artists to take risks and to innovate in order for them to develop a suitable and sophisticated publication format for their photography project.

Images Vevey expects participants to show creativity and originality, both in how they address an issue and in how they design their book project.

For their application, entrants must:

- Submit a statement of intent written in English
- Upload ten pictures of the photographic series
- Upload images of the book project as jpg’s (examples: page spreads of the layout, dummy-documentation, sketches, etc.)

Shortlisted photographers will be contacted individually by email by the end of March.
They will be required to send a portfolio before 18 April 2017.
The portfolio must include the following items:

- a statement of intent(one page max)written in English
- A draft of the publication project and/or a printed PDF version of the project
- A technical sheet for the project (pagination, binding, printing process, etc.)
- A production timeline
- A written undertaking that guarantees the book will be published by June 2018 at the latest
- The list of partner institutions and/or organisations for the project
- If a publisher is already interested, a letter of intent may be included with the application
- At least one copy of a previous book (if available)

Among other criteria, the jury will be asked to assess the following aspects in particular:

- Significance of the photography project to be published
- Balance between the prescribed form and the content(artistic intent) of the publication
- Creativity and innovation of the book’s design

The subscription fee for this competition is 35 Euro.


The competition is open to professional artists and photographers as well as those in training who are currently working on a book project.


The award grants the winner the indivisible sum of CHF 10,000, that's approximately EUR 9,000 for the production of an original photography book, which must be carried out in consultation with Images Vevey.
Twenty-five copies of the award-winning book are given to Images Vevey, which commits to pre-purchase up to CHF 2,000 (at bookstore price).
Payment of the prize is made in three instalments after verification of the intermediate stages of production.

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