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Reshape 15 Wearable Technology Competition

1)About competition

We move from a human subject that uses a bunch of tools in a deliberate and discontinuous way, to a humanoid who dresses prosthesis digitally interconnected. In other words, humans and machines become hybrids.
In your individual or group proposals, reflect the mission of Reshape: merging ideas with fabrication processes and market viabilities.
Reshape 15 focuses on the possibilities of wearable technology without any design limitation, with designers being responsible of their own choices.
In this context, disciplines as programming and electronics become highly interconnected, blurring old boundaries and merging different fields of knowledge. Fashion has been already affected by this radical change. Therefore, clothes, shoes and other accessories can now incorporate elements of hardware and software, generating a peculiar mix between fashion and computation that is incredibly fertile and inspiring. Data becomes Beauty, Interaction becomes Emotion. As a result, a new aesthetic is emerging.

Reshape 15 Wearable Technology Competition Registration Fee:
The registration fee for each submission is 50 Euro.


The total prize fund of Reshape 15 design competition is 2,700 Euro, which will be distributed among the first, second and third winner accordingly.
Winners selected by the jury will be invited to take part to specific workshops in several Fab Labs connected to this design competition. All winning proposals will be presented in different exhibitions around the world.

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