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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Head On Photo Awards 2024 | International Competition

Head On Photo Awards 2024, Australia’s most prestigious photography event and one of the world’s leading annual photography festivals has been recently opened for entries inviting all professional, emerging and enthusiast photographers from classical to contemporary styles to partecipate with they best work. Deadline: . More Info.

Ghost Project 2024

Ghost Project 2024 | International Competition

As part of its 2024 event and the Ghost Project, Mikser Festival is hosting an international design competition under the theme “Microcosm“ inviting all young designers to share their vision on how prompt design interventions can improve lives of people on the move, be their mobility deliberate or forceful, and enable them to make a new place their home. Deadline: . More Info.

Iron Island

Iron Island | International Competition

Iron Island, the contest launched by YAC and MANNI Group, aims to write the future of old oil platforms, with particular reference to the numerous off-shore platforms located in the north of the Adriatic Sea, which are well suited to becoming the first transformation model and virtuous redevelopment of these islands of steel and concrete. Deadline: . More Info.

Hiii Illustration 2023

Hiii Illustration 2023 | International Competition

Hiii Illustration 2023, organiSed by Hiiibrand has been recently open for entries inviting all illustrators, creative professionals and agencies, teachers and students worldwide, with aim to discover and reward outstanding illustration talents and works from all over the world, in an effort to advance the global development of illustration. Deadline: . More Info.

London Design Awards 2024

London Design Awards 2024 | International Competition

The 2024 London Design Awards, an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide has been recently opened for entries inviting product designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, UX / UI designers and any designers of all background to participate. Deadline: . More Info.