The goal of this 3d Printing Contest Re-define the space is the study for a possible interaction between manufactured articles and the 2.0 technology, to improve the traditional craft manifacture and the innovative technologies.
With this initiative we want to find and test objects that mix innovation and traditional craft.
These are two worlds that seem far each other, but actually have the same goal: a production made of quality, talent and innovation.
The designers must develop new ideas about the personalization of a wood surface with 3D printing objects insertion, that redefines the function and the collocation into the space.

All products must respect the following guide lines:
made for the wood realization
max dimension: 60x20x3cm
the surface can be personalized for different types of processing: manifacturing(cutted, perforated, engraved,etc.),finishing(varnished,neuter,decorated,etc.)ordepending on the essence
accessorize elements for 3D printing must be: 180x200x200mm; minimum thickness:1mm
projects of product design can be vertical,horizontal, hangedor leant.
obects for e-­‐commerce (manageable, small, notheavy, not fragile, easy tosend)
obects must respects every existing rules.

During the planning phase it's essential to exhibit compositions made with 3D modeling softwares.
The compositions can be completed with projects' sketches/draftes made with every sort of technique, as long as the final object is one or more 3D rendering views.
The rappresentation and the graphic of the project are independent, but a few information are compulsory: concept, purpose, technical schedule (for ex. sizes, external aspect, and others).

If any project would be evaluted as working and worthy, the committee could decide to not assign the prize. Every project will be evaluate on these parameters:

authenticity and planning innovation
fully functional
easy feasibility
easy to sell
easy to carry and assemble

Who can enter?

The participation is free of charge and opens to:

• all full age citizens
• students,designers,makers,architects,craftmen,lovers
• no qualification is required
• 3D modeling software knowledge
• the participation can be as single or in group,in that case a group leader is necessary.
He will be the person in charge for the projects.
• every competitor/group can submit max 3 projects.


The winner will receive these following prizes:

realization of the first project's prototype made by Vectorealism and Falegnameria Vantaggiato (in Prato)
realization of a limited production of the winner object. Number of the pieces will be estimated and then estabilished depending on the product
launching and selling of the product on the MakeTank website for a month
the product will be included in the “MADE by” section on madedafranco.it
exhibition of the winner product during them “MAKEIT!” event on December, organized by MADE da Franco and Fonderia Cultart
an interview and a video on MakeTank's blog
project's review on Arredativo.it and an homepage pubblication
notice about the winner to all the newsletters' members of MADE da Franco, MakeTank and Arredativo.

Official website

For all further informations about the Re-define the space visit the following official website:


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