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New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2019 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this advertising award:

New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2019

New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, recenlty announced by New York Festivals is now accepting entries for its 2019 competition inviting submission from all over the world.


The New York Festivals recently has announced the 2019 edition of its Advertising Award accepting entries around the world.

This year the transformation of the competition includes a 35% reduction of categories resulting in a clear and modern roster. The revised and newly created categories reflect the cutting-edge work produced today and represent the full spectrum of creativity in the world of advertising communications.

There are different categories:

activation & engagement - These categories can include anything from an event, film, flash mob, or even an outdoor sculpture. Audiences should be experiencing the brand, and not just viewing an advertisement. Whether the piece elicits emotion, action or interaction, winners will have demonstrated not just a creative, unique or outrageous scenario, but also a successful and measurable idea with results that activate and engage the audience.

audio/radio - Entries in this category leave the visuals to the imagination of the viewer, choosing instead to use the power of sound to convey their message. Eligible work includes but is not limited to radio spots, podcasts, streaming and downloadable audio content

artistry & craft in advertising - This category recognizes the creative artistry, technique, talent & skill required in specific areas of production to elevate the original idea through brilliant execution.

avant-garde/innovative - Entries in this category stand out in a unique, new, groundbreaking or exceptionally creative manner. Work that sets a new standard, challenges the norm, or amazes with a huge “Wow!” factor. In addition to your supporting creative, must provide a statement in the synopsis field that tells the jury why your entry deserves to be judged in the category.

brandend content/entertainment - Entries in this category seamlessly blend the brand’s message with entertainment/content as a way to connect with their audience. This approach chooses to entertain or inform in ways that are complementary to the Brand’s marketing strategy and values, often aiming to make an emotional connection with the audience rather than hard, straight sell.

creative marketing strategy/effectiveness - Entries in this category will demonstrate a groundbreaking solution to a challenging marketing problem. Winners will clearly demonstrate the accomplishment of specific marketing goals and objectives through creative execution and strategic planning.

collaborations & partnerships - Entries in this category bring together two or more brands, individuals and/or organizations to work on a singular message. Unique relationships can spark amazing creative and open up new audiences.

design - Entries in the category demonstrate creative excellence in visual craftsmanship. Art meets commerce here to inspire, delight, intrigue, catch the consumer’s eye and create brand recognition.

digital/mobile - Entries in this category reach their intended audience through websites, mobile apps, banner ads, rich media or other technology. Eligible platforms include but are not limited to tablets, computers, wearable technology, digital screens, and mobile phones.

direct & collateral - Entries in this category directly connect the brand with the intended audience, creating a one-to-one communication/relationship. Great collateral pieces charm and educate while building a brand’s image. They give consumers something to hold in their hands and hopefully their hearts as well.

film(cinema/online/tv) - Entries in this category are moving image advertisements. Whether made for television, cinema, online, mobile devices, outdoor or elsewhere these pieces demonstrate excellence in storytelling using the medium of film or video.

film craft - You can’t have great ads without great production. This category honors the individual contributions that create the mood, bring all the different moving parts together and puts the spotlight on the people behind-the-scenes who collaborate to create great commercial films.

outdoor - Entries in this category may use many kinds of media but are all seen and experienced out of home. Utilizing public spaces to convey the brand’s message, including but not limited to: Billboards, Posters, Transit Advertising, Ambient Advertising, Digital Screens, Public Events, Public Spaces, etc.

package & product design - Entries in this category are all about the craft and creation of packaging or new products. The best of the best in this category blend great design with function that ultimately enhances the brand. Must include an original example of the work, unless customs restrictions prevent it; in that case, an empty vessel or a series of hi-res photographs may be submitted.

print - This category honors excellence in printed or published media. Eligible entries including but not limited to billboards, posters, newspapers, magazines, calendars, whether traditional printed materials or digital.

positive world impact - Entries in this category use creative communication to encourage and affect changes in attitude, perception or behavior which will ultimately have a positive impact on the world. With intent toward the betterment of people, animals or the environment, winners in these categories may include all types of media

public relations - This category honors excellence in reputation management, creative communications and awareness with the goal of increasing positive perception and good will toward the brand. Eligible entries include but are not limited to corporate branding, crisis management, events, and public service advertising. PR campaigns often include an earned media tactic

social media & influencer - Entries in this categoryspread the brand message through public sharing, commenting and expressions of opinions and content. Results are measured by reach in views, likes, shares, comments, user-generated content, etc. Eligible entries include but not limited to marketing solutions which utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Influencers to increase audience engagement.

sports - This categoryhonors excellence in sports advertising whether the brand is sporting equipment, a team, a league or the marketing effort is aimed at sports fans. Eligible entries include but not limited to Sporting Event promotion, Superbowl Ads and player endorsements.

student - This category honors excellence in Student work. When seen with fresh eyes, advertising takes on an entirely new look. The competition honors the next generation of advertising greats, those with the ability to make us look at things in a way we never have before and never will again

To be eligible for the 2019 competition, entries must have been published or aired between January 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019, with the full knowledge and approval of the advertiser.

Entries submitted to the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards in the previous competition and aired between January 1, 2018 and May 1, 2018 can be submitted again this year as long as they are submitted in a different category group or category.

A brief synopsis is required for all entries. It should be broken down into three parts: objective, concept and target audience. The synopsis should be no longer than 200 words total.

Submission requirements:

VIDEO - All uploaded videos must use H.264 compression and have a QuickTime(.mov) wrapper as specified below. (10-bit video sources are preferred.) Select “Enable Streaming” or “Fast Start” if your transcoding software offers that option. The audio must be encoded in stereo using the MPEG 4/AAC Main Profile compressor with 48 kHz 16 bit sampling. (160 KBPS minimum, 256 KBPS recommended). It's not accepted ProRes files. If your entry is not in English, you MUST provide a translation or detailed synopsis in the space provided on the online entry form for the jury members.

AUDIO - Standard MP3 format (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III), stereo or mono, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit sampling, minimum sample rate: 160 kbps. It is strongly recommended that translations be included in the film as clear, legible subtitles. White letters on a black bar is recommended.

WEBSITES - Translate only relevant menu sections, headlines and text.

IMAGE UPLOAD - .jpg file format, maximum quality, at least 300 dpi resolution in RGB color, 2000x3400 pixels (portrait or landscape). Please note: JPEGs in CMYK format are NOT accepted

Case study videos must not be longer than 3 minutes in length.

Finalists will be informed of their status via email and announced on the official website, email blasts, social media platforms and through press releases to top publications in the industry. The 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and Industry Awards will be decided by the Executive Jury at a live session held in New York City.

Entry fees:

• Early deadline: December 15, 2018 - Single – 1 Piece - $500, Campaign – 2 to 5 Pieces - $1500
• Official deadline: January 31, 2019 - Single – 1 Piece - $550, Campaign – 2 to 5 Pieces - $1650
• Final extended deadline: March 1, 2019 - Single – 1 Piece - $600, Campaign – 2 to 5 Pieces - $1800
• Student entry - Single or Campaign Entry Fee - $150

All physical collateral materials must be received by February 28th, or your entries will not be eligible for the 2019 competition.

Who can enter?

To be eligible for the 2019 competition, entries must have been published or aired between January 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019, with the full knowledge and approval of the advertiser.


The following prizes will be awarded:

The 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and Industry Awards will be decided by the Executive Jury at a live session held in New York City.

Industry award:

global brand of the year
global agency network of the year
regional agency of the year
boutique agancy of the year
best new agancy of the year
indipendent agancy of the year
film production company of the year
best of show

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