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WAS Awards by WikiArquitectura 2017 - International Architecture Student Competition

This competition has expired on

This Was awards by wikiarquitectura 2017 now is over!

WAS Awards by WikiArquitectura 2017

WikiArquitectura is hosting its architecture competition for students open for entries for 2017 with the aim to celebrate work done by architecture students from all around the world during each academic year.


This architecture competitions for students aim to celebrate the work done by students from all around the world during each academic year.
The WAS awards give you the opportunity to win some really cool prizes for work you’ve already done but they will also allow you to see where you stand not only against your classmates but also against other students from other schools in other places, some of which will have very different points of views and approaches to architecture than yours.

The WAS awards are a place to share, win, learn and keep growing as architects.

The call is open for the three categories:

Housing - the housing award will evaluate single homes projects or reduced complexes of individual houses
Residential buildings - the residential award will evaluate apartment buildings and other forms of multi-family housing
Facilities - public and private projects including; museums, libraries, sport complexes and others

The only criteria for a project to be eligible for the WAS awards are the following:

The project must have been developed during the last year (since the day the registration opens).
The student submitting the project must be the sole author of their work. This does not mean you can’t get help from teachers and tutors of course!

Any given project will only be allowed to compete under one category. Each student will be allowed to submit one project to each category.

Unlike other architecture awards and competitions for students the selection process for the WAS awards will take as long as it’s needed, there will be no shortlists and every single project will be reviewed equally.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!


If you are or have been enrolled as an undergraduate architecture student you can partecipate in this competition.

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