2019 Better Philadelphia Challenge - ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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The Call for Entries titled 2019 Better Philadelphia Challenge is now open!

2019 Better Philadelphia Challenge

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Better Philadelphia Challenge organised by Ed Bacon Memorial Committee of the Center for Architecture and Design is an Architecture Competition recently opened for entries for 2019 inviting all university-level students worldwide to partecipate.


The 2019 Better Philadelphia Challenge, annual Architecture Competition organised by Ed Bacon Memorial Committee of the Center for Architecture and Design has been announced and opened for registration to all university-level students worldwide.

Founded in 2006 in memory of Philadelphia’s iconic 20th century city planner, Ed Bacon [1910-2005]an conducted every October, the competition challenges undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in any field of study; the most successful entries tend to come from teams which include students from a range of majors, including architecture, urban planning, design, landscape architecture, business, political science, and others.

This year theme is: Re-Imagining the Heart of Kensington.


This time the organizers are seeking creative concepts for the Kensington neighborhood in North Philadelphia. How can the design of public space in the neighborhood around McPherson Square, from sidewalks and streets to landscaping and street furniture, help address the effects of the opioid epidemic, make the community safer, and improve quality of life for those in the neighborhood?

They are specifically looking for design solutions that address the needs of longtime stakeholders in this neighborhood (homeowners and renters, local businesses, schools, libraries, and other community organizations) by helping to build resiliency in the community through stronger connections, social cohesion, and an improved public realm. They don’t expect that design will solve the opioid epidemic - nor do they expect you to become public health experts. They do believe that high quality urban design can help improve on-the-ground conditions for this community, especially when coupled with the public health initiatives and other social services that are already working in the neighborhood.

As you develop your ideas, consider:

Children + Families - How can your designs make this neighborhoods a more fun and safe experience for the children how live, learn and play here?

Street as a Public Space - How can Kensington's streets and sidewalks be redesigned to turn them in to public spaces as valuable (and fun!) as the official neighborhood parks?

Trauma - Informed Design - "Trauma Informed" refers to the fact that the choices people make today are strongly influenced by their desire to reduce stress caused by trauma earlier in their lives. How can your designs be informed this concept to help the neighborhood reduce stress among its residence and allowe them to feel safer.

Existing Programs + Infrastructures - Many city agency and community groups have already invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into adressing the opioid epidemic in Kensington and its impact on the community.

The Awards Ceremony is traditionally held in February.

Registration in the competition is free and does not obligate you to participate in this competition. Each entry costs $25.


The first prize for 2019 is $5,000. Additional prizes will be announced as well.

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