When submitting to the Architecture, Building and Structure Design competition, always prepare a visually stunning presentation of your project, high-resolution images, renderings and mockup photos can be submitted. It is important to attach contextual presentation and textual descriptions as a PDF document.


The winners of the A'Architecture, Building and Structure Design are provided extensive and exclusive marketing and communication services to promote the success of winning the A'Award. Furthermore, the winning designs appear on the A'best designs book which is available worldwide, this book is furthermore distributed to the high-profile magazine editors, design oriented companies, top level managers and relevant parties. The winning designs are also exhibited in Italy as a Poster (or Scale Model), and the best designs will be picked for the permanent exhibition.
Each winner design receives the trophy, published online and at our best designs book, receives a certificate and sticker templates to be attached to the products, the A'seal of design excellence is also included in the winners package, this seal is valid for the entire product lifecycle without yearly fees.

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