2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Next Parkway - ARCHITECTURE STUDENT COMPETITION

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Architecture student competition titled 2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Next Parkway is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this architecture competition:

2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Next Parkway

Architecture Competition titled Better Philadelphia Challenge organised by Ed Bacon Memorial Committee of the Center for Architecture and Design, has been recently opened for entries for 2018 inviting all university-level students worldwide to partecipate.


This annual Architecture Competition challenges university-level students (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students) from around the world to address real-world urban design issues in Philadelphia that have application not only to our city, but to urban centers around the globe.

This year the competition is themed: "The Next Parkway".

It seeks creative and open interpretations of what a new ‘Parkway’ could be in a dense and developed 21st century city and invites teams to share their grand vision for how Philadelphia’s existing natural and cultural resources could be better linked with their neighboring communities – both physically and in the minds of residents and visitors.

The organizers strongly encourage proposals from diverse teams which include individuals from a variety of fields: architecture, urban planning, design (industrial, graphic, etc.), landscape architecture, public health, economic development, environmental science, real estate law, business, or other fields which might bring innovative ideas to your proposal. Proposals from diverse teams have historically done best in this competition.

As you develop your ideas, consider:

Neighborhood Connections - How can your design make it easier for(and encourage)local residents to find and visit the natural resources and cultural institutions nearby? Consider street layout, streetscape design, landscape architecture, signage,etc. Might there be organizational, marketing, or legislative solutions to consider as part of your plan?

Culture + Recreation - What existing and future civic institutions (such as libraries, health clinics, recreation centers, pools, etc.) should be connected by your new parkway? How can your design improve and encourage access to nearby water resources (streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, pools)? Might there be opportunities to uncover previously buried waterways and/or to provide opportunities for swimming and water-based recreation?

Stormwater Management - How can your design help the city with its goal of collecting the first inch or more of rainwater that falls during heavy storms to reduce overflows from our combined sewer system? What innovative policies could extend the impact of your design by empowering neighbors to contribute to the goal? What new or developing technologies could be incorporated into your design to improve the health of Philadelphia’s waterways, ground water, and stored water?

Wildlife Corridors - How can your design create passageways that allow wildlife to migrate between and among Philadelphia’s existing green and aquatic spaces? These passageways don’t necessarily need to be human scale or human-accessible. Consider birds, bees, amphibians, small mammals, fish - especially endangered species.

Three locations are provided for exploration this year: Broad Street in South Philadelphia, Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia, or Chester Avenue in West Philadelphia.
Entrants may address one or all three locations, though it is most important to address how each connects with its local community, not their connections with each other.

Registration fee for for each entry cost $25.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who are actively matriculating at a college or university during the run of the competition (Sept 29–Oct 27, 2017).


The 1st prize for 2018 is $5,000, to be awarded with prizes for the 2nd and the 3rd best project. One Honorable Mention will also be announced.

Call For Entries Info

For all further informations about the 2018 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Next Parkway or to submit your works visit the following official website: https://www.philadelphiacfa.org/events/2018-better-philadelphia-challenge-next-parkway


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