Building 4Humanity Design Competition – 2019 Taiwan Prize - Architecture competition

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Building 4Humanity Design Competition – 2019 Taiwan Prize

CALL FOR ENTRY: The 2nd edition of Building 4Humanity Design Competition (B4H-DC) has been recently opened for entries seeking for entries that address the notion of having architecture as a social and cultural facility.

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In 2019, the 2nd edition of Building 4Humanity Design Competition (B4H-DC) aims to address the notion of having architecture as a social and cultural facility, by seeking design ideas that would contribute towards the social inclusion and integration of Syrian war refugees in the Turkish border city of Reyhanlı.

The competition has two separate categories: it welcomes submissions from students and recent graduates, as well as experienced professionals.

The area of design site is around 25,000 square metres, situated in the south western outskirts of Reyhanlı. The site is adjacent to parkland, agriculture land, a newly built regional hospital and terrace housing.

Students Category

This competition invites students to propose radical but applicable design ideas for transitional shelters with 5,000 square meters of indoor floor area that could be used for accommodating 400 Syrian settlers, particularly for the wounded elderly, war widows and orphans. The design might consider using an area of up to 800 square meters for welcoming or receiving guests, administering first aids, and providing other basic services, such as food, healthcare and indoor leisure activities. The urban fragments dedicated to the proposed transitional shelters must be confined to a piece of land with 7,000 square meters in the north side of the location, and must observe a vacant area of 10 meters in width in front of the construction site. It should be designed primarily for serving Syrians, but must embody the spirit of integration and meet the aspirations of local community through architecture, urban and landscape design.

Professional Category

The professional category will need to consider, in addition to the requirements for the student category, combining the transitional shelters with another facility: a social and intercultural service centre with 15,000 square meters of indoor floor area. The centre should be proposed for both Turks and Syrians in order to meet both the communities’ needs and aspirations, serving as a foundation for the process of social inclusion and integration between Turks and Syrians. This centre should be envisaged as a meeting point between people and cultures, with a view to promoting cultural exchange, sharing lifestyle knowledge, enhancing social bonds, engaging Syrians into the city’s social, economic and cultural life, and building resilience for the community as a whole.

All participants are encouraged to critically investigate the site in conjunction with an in-depth consideration for its immediate and wider context. Specifically, considerations should be given to:

selecting specific target groups, users and beneficiaries;
configuring a specific architectural program;
conducting architectural design;
specifing processes and features of construction;
proposing organization and management of building complex.

Submission requirements:

You need to submit registration file (pdf) and design project (pdf) online

Submitting the design project:
- 3 x A1 posters (orientation: landscape; file format: pdf, with print-quality resolution; language: English). The posters need to at least include the following information responding to the required social integration: - Diagrams of the target groups, users and beneficiaries;
- Diagrams of the programs and functions;
- Diagrams of the climate-and geography-responsive design, construction and management; Site plan;
- Plans, elevations and sections; Perspectives or renderings.

• 1 x A4 project report (font: 10-point Times News Roman; format: pdf; language: English, Turkish or Arabic). The report needs to at least address the following themes responding to the requirements of social integration, resilience and sustainability:
- Target groups,
- users and beneficiaries;
- Architectural programming;
- Design strategies;
- Construction strategies;
- Management strategies.

Evaluation criteria:

Rationale of selecting the target groups, users and beneficiaries according to the analyses of socio-cultural context of the site;
Validation of architectural programming based on the needs and aspirations of the target groups, users and beneficiaries;
Quality, adequacy and intelligence of the architectural proposal and its design strategies for social integration, and Syrians’ engagement into the the daily life of the city;
Clarity and applicability of construction and the coherence of its strategies in the building, rebuilding or resettlement processes;
Feasibility and sustainability of building management and its strategies for considering local resources, social integration, community-based activities, livelihood, and governance.

Only professional teams need to submit a video recording, 3D animation or 3D motion graphics with duration of no more than 3 minutes that describes and summarises their proposals. They may include very short pieces of relevant interviews with local stakeholders, or with relevant stakeholders from elsewhere.

The evaluation committee will be presided over by two prominent architects and educators. All qualified projects submitted will be showcased in the completion social media. The best 20 projects in each category will be published on the competition website. The awarded projects, including honorary mentions, will be published in selected technical magazines.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

• Eligibility •

The student category competition is open to all postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate students and recent graduates (graduating in 2019 summer). All students and recent graduates should be under 31 years of age. Multidisciplinary teams are highly encouraged. The maximum number of team members is 5.​

• Prize •

The following prizes will be awarded:

Student category

1st prize: 3,000 USD + award certificate
2nd prize: 2,000 USD + award certificate
3rd prize: 1,000 USD + award certificate
Honorary mentions (several) with award certificate

Professional category

1st prize: 5,000 USD + award certificate
2nd prize: 3,000 USD + award certificate
3rd prize: 2,000 USD + award certificate
Honorary mentions (several) with award certificate

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