How do you get to school if it’s minus 45 °C outside? How do you gain an education when your nearest school is 20 km away? Building Trust are asking you to help them design a "Cool School" for a community in Mongolia.
Environmental conditions, materials, space, comfort, accessibility, adaptability and aesthetics should be considered.
The aim of this design challenge is to:

  • Encourage and reward design excellence at a small scale which integrates function, structure, details and the need for education.
  • Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing a school in a freezing climate with the constraints of the site.
  • Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal.
Building Trust International will work alongside competition partners, World Vision, local government and the school community in Khovd, Mongolia to build the winning school design.
Cool School: Design For An Extreme Climate Competition Registration Fees
Registration is free for anyone entering from a developing country! For everyone else, the following registration fees apply:
  • Early-bird Registration : £50 (23rd January 2015 – 6th February 2015)
  • Advance Registration : £75 (7th February 2015 – 27th February 2015)
  • Final Registration: £100 (28th February 2015 – 6th March 2015)

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