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ECOS FEZ Design Competition 2019

This competition has expired on

This Ecos fez design competition 2019 now is over!

ECOS FEZ Design Competition 2019

The ECOS FEZ Design Competition has been recently opened for entries and is held to encourage the creative self-expression and enhance intellectual skills of the Participants, as well as to obtain a complete design project for buildings and the territory of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) ECOS.


The ECOS announces architecture competition titled ECOS FEZ Design Competition for the best design for infrastructural objects in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

This competition invites all young and talented designers and enables them to participate in the creation of the interior and exterior design of buildings and structures in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

ECOS is an innovative company seeking for offbeat solutions everywhere: from technical infrastructure of FEZ, to its architecture, design, and landscape design concepts. We believe that young designers and architects will offer an unconventional solution of this task. The purpose of the ECOS FEZ is to create in Armenia an ecosystem for the development of export-oriented companies in the field of high and information technologies, including the formation of an industry of companies creating products based on blockchain technologies, as well as attracting highly qualified specialists and world-class experts, a concentration of human, research and development and investment and financial potential necessary for the sustainable development of the socio-economic situation in the Republic of Armenia. The ECOS gives young creative people from all around the world the opportunity to express their views on the future through innovative and promising proposals. In the era of globalization, when the technological revolution prevails, there is a need to rethink the connection between a city, an individual and high technology.

Organisers are looking for bold solutions, distinctive and non-conventional ones, which will help create the image of innovative Armenia and give a chance to designers and architects to contribute to the creation of the infrastructure. The latter will serve for the development of high-tech projects in Armenia that will allow a balanced regional development of the country.

Competition categories:

Water Cooling Tower Design
FEZ Administration Office Design
Landscape Design for the Surrounding Area

You can submit any amount of projects to each of three nominations. Make a presentation, visualization, and describe your project in accordance with the statement of work.

It is accepted an unlimited number of artworks from one participant. The artworks can be created also by a team.

Applications is accepted in Russian, Armenian, or English.

The submitted works rated in two main rounds. The first round is Open Voting (that will be held at the Competition Website after all the submission deadline is over), when anyone can vote at the official website by liking the best submissions. Each Category will have three Finalists. The winners will be picked by the Jury Board.

The Works are evaluated based on three criteria:

Visual image of the object
Slide-show presentation of the project, including the diagram schemes
Work outlay and financial budget

The winners will be announced on the Awards Ceremony that will be held on March 15th, 2019.

Winners and finalists of the competition will receive funding for the implementation of their projects and valuable prizes.

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!


The ECOS FEZ Design Competition is open to all professional architects, designers, aspiring professionals, project organizations, design offices, manufacturing plants, design studios, and workshops, also to students and graduates of relevant universities in Armenia and abroad.


The winner is awarded the Winner Status, a Certificate about 100 000 AMD (Armenian drams) Prize for winning the Competition and 900 000 AMD after accomplishing the Competition Work and handling the design project ready for implementation. The overall prize fund for each nomination is 1 000 000 AMD. The design project is considered ready for implementation in case of containing, in addition to visualization and other materials, a work outlay and all materials necessary for the execution of the project, including drawings.

Furthermore, the winner of the competition gets the media coverage on company's website, social media, in our press releases and other materials issued during the promo-campaign of the Contest.

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