Architeture competition named "From Limit to Live It" is a call for an artistic intervention that aims to return the wall to the city and its inhabitants through the use of light, synonym of life and of new beginnings. To re-construct the wall, to reveal its absent presence, to materialize its space and create memory, are just some of the possible objectives that the work of art may address through its capacity for understanding, resignifying and revealing what remains unnoticed to the eyes and to the memory. The results of this architeture competition will be displayed in La Casa de Moneda, the 16th-century Royal Mint, in the city Segovia, Spain.
There is no entry fee for this Architecture Competition.

It's free to enter!


The winning idea will be developed and executed during the FAV, Annual Visual Festival, during the summer of 2015. There are three prizes – totaling in more than 8,500 Euro – and the winner will receive cash plus a residency to develop the project for execution.

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