Legendary Bird Home 2020 - Architecture competition

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Legendary Bird Home 2020

Legendary Bird Home 2020 is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Legendary Bird Home 2020, international architecture competition organized by Bee Breeders, has been recently opened for entries tasking participants to design innovative and attention-grabbing designs for a legendary bird house that can be built at home.

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The Legendary Bird Home 2020, an architecture competition organized by Bee Breeders is the first in a planned series of competitions looking to raise awareness for the global environmental crisis.

This competition is organised in collaboration with Birdly, a socially-responsible startup that aims to support environmental activism worldwide through funds raised by selling bird homes.

In the wake of the terrible Amazon rainforest wildfires, this competition looks to tackle the global deforestation crisis and help fund charities that combat it.

Participants are tasked with presenting innovative and attention-grabbing designs for a legendary bird house that can be built at home, using materials and building methods that are both environmentally sustainable and easily available.

Each project will need to include details of the building method and the materials to be used, ensuring that the structure could be built by a single person with tools that are widely available. In order to make the project more accessible, simple tools that are available at home are recommended, however more sophisticated techniques, like the use of a laser cutter, can be proposed.

Submission requirements:

Participants are required to upload 4 x A2 landscape-orientated presentation boards (must not exceed 5mb per jpg) with sketches, renderings, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams, and/or other presentation tools to explain their proposal.
No video files are accepted.
All information provided in writing must be in English.
All submissions must be uploaded via the beebreeders.com upload panel.

The jury will be looking for designs that are unique and memorable, while at the same time being simple enough for individuals to construct them at home with tools that are on-hand.

Consultative jury will select 40 shortlisted from all submitted entries, after that core jury panel will evaluate the 9 finalists and select the top 3 winning projects and 6 honorable mentions.

The winners will be announced on June 16, 2020.

Entry fees:

Early Bird Registration (November 01 - December 13) is US $80, instead for a students is US $60.
Advance Registration (December 14 - February 11) is US $100, instead for a students is US $70.
Last Minute Registration ( February 12 - April 14) is US $120, instead for a students is US $80.

Eligibility ⇣

This competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).

Prize ⇣

The winning designs will receive a share of the prize fund as well as media coverage, and their designs will be put forward for production and sale on birdly.org, with half of the profit donated to selected charities.

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Organizer: Bee Breeders

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