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Micro Housing 2019

Micro Housing 2019 is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Micro Housing 2019 architecture competition is an open ideas design competition recently opened for entries that invites all designers around the world to create inventive, experimental architectural solutions which would surprise today’s housing market.

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The Micro Housing 2019 architecture competition , now is calling for entries inviting all designers around the world to participate with they best ideas!

Housing is one of the most basic needs of humankind for survival and this topic has been vehemently discussed in the last few decades, especially in the urban context. Today, across the globe, we are experiencing a rise in densely populated urban areas, along with a lack of land resources to provide sufficient housing for the masses. This phenomenon has also resulted in the growth of informal housing units in the cities.

These undesirable conditions in the urban housing scenario have given birth to the idea of Micro Housing an idea that encourages making innovative use of limited floor space to its maximum potential for the residents. Designers are now coming up with various, inventive solutions to solve the persistent issue of ‘space crunch’ in cities to provide the basic requirement of housing to as many people as possible.

Designers around the world are invited to create inventive, experimental architectural solutions which would surprise today’s housing market and call for a sense of living based on community spirit. Arranged in self-contained, integrated communities, the residential units would be representative of innovation and creativity in the modularity of spaces. It’s time to design novel residential communities that reflect the ideology of ‘less is more’.

The participants are to design a prototype of a micro-housing unit that reflects the personal needs and culture of the residential community chosen. A suitable aggregation of these micro-housing units should be done in an urban context, mirroring the communal needs of the group of users.
A total of 100 users should be considered for the design. Participants are to choose a site relevant to the topic, in the urban context.
The design has to serve as an upgrade to the standard of living of the users. While being very functional in nature, it should also be aesthetically pleasing.
The built-up area of each residential unit should not exceed 350 sq.ft. and should house up to 4 individuals. The unit should be a prototype, making the optimum use of space, and it needs to be explained in detail.
The designed units should cater to the individual’s personal needs (rest, bath, cook, and work) and community requirements (interact). As per their preferance, the participants are free to add more spaces required in their designs.
The design of the micro-housing residential complex should also provide solutions for circulation such as staircases, passages, etc.

The partcipants are to choose a site in an Urban context. With the urban population constantly on the rise along with an increase in high density metropolitan areas, there is an immediate need to address the housing crisis in these locations. Many urban cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Mumbai,etc,are coming up with innovative solutions to solve this problem. The participants are free to select their own site. Submission requirements:

Submission must include, (but are not limited to) the following required drawings:

• Building / Site sections which illustrate key aspects and major spatial or programmatic elements
• Floor plans to show the interior spatial arrangements and program.
Large scale drawing that illustrates innovative details or integrated aspects of design.
Three dimensional representations explaining the design, perspectives and montages which display the character of the project.
Elevations demonstrating qualities such as material, texture, and color.
All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate for the design solution and include a graphic scale for reference.


A single A1 sheet must be submitted in JPEG format (150 DPI Resolution), file size not exceeding 5 MB.
All text must be in English, with a MAXIMUM of 200 WORDS for project explaination with a readable font size (to be provided on the A1 sheet).
All dimension should be in imperial or metric unit.

Judging Criteria:

• Concept Innovation: The participants have to design an innovative housing module and complex and make them exceptional, as compared to the conventional housing buildings today.

• Site Selection: The participants are to select a site in an Urban Context for their design. The entries will be evaluated on the basis of the site justification given.

• Spatial Design: The entries will be judged on the basis of creativity displayed in the spatial design and configuration of spaces.

• Modularity: The efficiency and fucntionality of a single housing module and same with respect to the entire community complex.

Entry fees:

Early Registrations 18 Jun - 22 Aug
Participants from India: INR 1800 +18% tax
Participants from other countries: USD 70 + 18% Tax

Regular Registrations 23 Aug - 27 Sept
Participants from India: INR 2400 + 18% Tax
Participants from other countries: USD 85+ 18%

Eligibility ⇣

The Micro Housing 2019 is open to all students and professionals.

Prize ⇣

The winning designs will be published on Volume Zero Magazine website and their international media partner’s websites. The winning team will also have an interview published. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st prize: $ 2000
2st prize: $ 1200
3st prize: $ 800

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