Next Landmark: Pollution 2019 - Architecture for a Sustainable Future - ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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The call for entries is now open!

The Call for Entries titled Next Landmark: Pollution 2019 - Architecture for a Sustainable Future is now open!

Next Landmark: Pollution 2019 - Architecture for a Sustainable Future

CALL FOR ENTRIES - For the 8th edition, Next Landmark 2019 launches a competition under the title: “Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future”, that recognizes the contribution made by creative artists in architecture and design to a shared and evolving future, expressed through the concept of integral sustainability.


The Iris Ceramica group architecture ( and design portal, promotes the 8th edition of the International Contest for architects and designers, held this year under the title: “Pollution 2019: Architecture for a Sustainable Future”.

This contest is intended to highlight and acknowledge the merit of new projects and research, drawing attention to new generations of creative minds in the disciplines of architecture and design and promoting their ideas, proposals and visions for sustainable contemporary living. The contest offers an opportunity for young professionals with a declared interest in the community, supporting them in their work and in the development of their careers.


Participants are asked to present a project that can be put into practice, or is the result of an academic project (such as a graduate thesis) or is developed independently (through research, for example). The project must have the following features: it must be multidisciplinary, propose clear ideas about the environment, and centre around re spect for people and nature. It must propose new ways of using public and urban space as an economic and environmental opportunity and for consolidation of collective membership.

Three types of projects are admitted in the contest:

Buildings employing high-performing forms and materials of low-tech manufacture or design. Holistic works presenting environmental strategies suitable for the local context with a low long-term environmental impact.
Projects intended to permit regeneration of urban spaces and reclamation of abandoned structures, based on principles of sustainability and social participation and intended to improve the quality of life of the citizens involved.
Architecture proposals intended to promote dignified living and/or working conditions for people and communities in a condition of particular fragility following an environmental, political or economic emergency, demonstrating easy implementation, with the participation of end users wherever possible.

In all three cases, the projects presented must outline strategies for improving resilience and helping reduce the vulnerability of local communities in the face of social, economic and environmental change.

Submission requirements:

4 photographs (if the project has been built) or renderings (if it is an academic study or research project) of the project in jpeg format, 1280X1024 pixels, 72 pi
3 project illustrations, which may be plans, cross sections or perspective views, in jpg format, 1280X1024 pixels, 72 dpi
3 images of the entrant’s choice considered appropriate to describe the architectural project (rendering, photos of models, sketches, diagrams, etc.) in jpg format, 1280X1024 pixels, 72 dpi
Project report of up to 1800 characters, in English.

Participation is open to individual entrants only.

The Next Landmark 2019 international contest will select a project focusing on environmental and social issues with the goal of achieving a possible, feasible future through architecture.

The following parameters will be taken into account:

Originality of the projects
The relationship between human beings and environment
Technical, aesthetic or conceptual innovation.

The results will be published at on 16 May 2019.

There is no enty fee to participate!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The contest is open to the new generations of creative artists in the disciplines of architecture, art and design who graduated since the year 2010.


The winner will award several prizes:

One year scholarship at SOS - School of Sustainability of Bologna (Italy).
One-way travel to the city of Bologna.
Online publication of the project in the Group’s media.
Certification of selection as the winner of the NEXTLANDAMARK INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2019.

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