The theme for the competition is the design of a floating theatre to be moored at a particular location on the river Spree in Berlin, Germany, but capable of being moved to other sites on the river.
The floating theatre should provide a performance space for an audience of 200-300 people and backstage accommodation for a cast of no more than 20 performers. Facilities for the audience, such as foyer space, toilets and refreshment areas will be located on the land and will be temporary and easily moved to another location, when required.
The site for the competition is on the northeast bank of the river Spree in Berlin in an area known as the "Holzmarkt" or "wood market".
OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2015 Entry Fee:
The entry fee for the competition is 50 Euro per entry.


Three main and three additional monetary prizes, as well as several honourable mentions will be announced as a result of this architecture competition. The best design will be awarded with 5,000 Euro! The jury will select at least 25 entries for an exhibition at the Stage, Set, Scenery conference and exhibition in June 2015.

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