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Teamakers Guest House

CALL FOR ENTRY: The Teamakers Guest House competition, international architecture competition has been recently opened for entries tasking participants with designing eco-friendly and cost-effective guest house accommodation for those visiting the Ozolini teamakers in Latvia.

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The Teamakers Guest House competition is an international architecture competition organised by Bee Breeders in collaboration with Latvian teamakers Ozolini, who draw on generations of knowledge and experience to create unique mixtures of herbal teas. This competition tasking participants with designing eco-friendly and cost-effective guest house accommodation for those visiting the Ozolini teamakers in Latvia .

Latvia has long been known as one of the greenest countries in the world... Since the publication of the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) survey, one of the top priorities for the Latvian government has been promoting and encouraging green living, particularly through its “homo ecos” campaign...Roughly 20% of Latvia is protected land, with four national parks, 42 nature parks, 260 nature reserves, 355 nature monuments, seven protected marine areas, 24 micro reserves and a biosphere reserve. However these resources are finite, and so significant measures were taken to preserve them not just for the their own sake, but for the economical benefits that they provide in terms of tourism. ...the tea created at Ozolini draws on 15 years of experience, infusing it with apple leaves and locally-sourced organic herbs. The tea is collected and created in a certified organic farm in the Amata region, where owner Brigita Lukina has been making mixtures of tea since the late 1970s. Following the advice of Doctor Helēna Rubīne, each unique organic tea is created to act as a supplement to daily nutrition, and works to improve health.
The location of the Ozolini teamakers is an ideal place for guests to restore their connection with nature. Surrounded by forest and its very own Lake Bezdibenė, the owner's collaborate with programs like to offer a work meditation and eco-fitness retreat for visitors from countries all over the world. Ozolini also hosts summer camps in which the secrets of medicinal herbs can be explored, and various self-awareness workshops take place.
The jury are looking for the Teamakers Guest House to act as an example of green building practices. Participants are tasked with focusing on eco-friendly and cost-effective methods to create an impressive multipurpose space that will further encourage ecotourism in the region.


Participants are tasked with designing eco-friendly and cost-effective guest house accommodation for those visiting the Ozolini teamakers in Latvia.

The Teamakers Guest House will need to have three separate bedrooms for guests, capable of accommodating two people per room. Ensuite bathrooms are not required as a common area for bathing should also be included with two separate WCs and two separate showers.
The guest house will also need a functioning kitchen and a large open concept living room that can be used for various purposes, such as gatherings, small events, as well as meditation and yoga sessions.
Guests will have the opportunity to take part in tea-making, organised by Ozolini, in which they will cut, dry, and pack the tea. Therefore, there will need to be a dedicated area for tea-making workshops that should be large enough to provide a comfortable working area for up to 12 people. The workshop space should provide plenty of natural light and ventilation and include 1m2 of workspace per person for cutting and mixing. In addition to this a 15m2 space for the tea drying and packing is required.

The BUILDING PROGRAMME is flexible, open for modifications and improved development strategies.


Be a comfortable accommodation for all its occupants in all weather conditions - resistant to the elements of heat, cold, rain, snow and wind;
Practice environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction methods;
Low maintenance in terms of effort and costs;

Submission requirements:

Participants are required to upload 4 x A2 landscape-orientated presentation boards (must not exceed 5mb per jpg) with sketches, renderings, plans, sections, elevations, diagrams, and/or other presentation tools to explain their proposal.
No video files are accepted.
All information provided in writing must be in English.
All submissions must be uploaded via the upload panel.

Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum).

All information submitted by participants must be in English.

Registration period close on 3 May, 2019, but you can submit your project until 18 June, 2019, (11:59pm GMT+0).

Consultative jury will select 40 shortlisted from all submitted entries, after that core jury panel will evaluate the 9 finalists and select the top 3 winning projects and 6 honorable mentions.

The winners will be announced on 23 July, 2019.

Entry fees:

Early Bird Registration (November 11 - December 14) is US $90, instead for a students is US $70.
Advance Registration (December 15 - February 22) is US $120, instead for a students is US $100.
Last Minute Registration (February 23 - April 26) is US $140, instead for a students is US $120.

• Eligibility •

The Teamakers Guest House competition is open to all. No professional qualification is required.

• Prize •

Bee Breeders will award a total of US $6,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st Prize US $3,000
2nd Prize US $1,500
3rd Prize US $500
BB Student Award US $500
BB Green Award US $500
+ 6 HONOURABLE MENTIONS The winners will get international art and design media coverage and will be featured on the
Bee Breeders website

Bee Breeders will acknowledge the outstanding performance of all winners and honourable mentions with Certificates of Achievement.

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Organizer: Bee Breeders
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