Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018 - Architecture competition

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Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018

CALL FOR ENTRY: The Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018, idea-based and architecture competition recently opened for entries to re-envision and re-engage the street as quality public space – a placemaking effort in a vehicle-choked urban street, seeking visions for Hong Kong’s new Central Business District.

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The new edition of architecture competition titled Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018 recently organised by Walk DVRC is seeking visions for Hong Kong’s new Central Business District and a more walkable, pedestrian environment on a 1.4 km stretch of Des Voeux Road Central.

This is an idea-based competition to re-envision and re-engage the street as quality public space – a placemaking effort in a vehicle-choked urban street.

The public environment on DVRC is currently poor. The limited amount of public space available has little or no civic value. There is a distinctive lack of well-utilised gathering/meeting areas, green open space and consistent provision of street trees, landscaping treatments and street furniture. The environment is hostile to pedestrians, who are squeezed into narrow sidewalks surrounded by imposing barriers.

Walk DVRC Ltd. invites eligible design professionals to respond to an Expression of Interest (EOI), from which a shortlist of 25 teams will be selected.


Competitors should look at innovative ideas that can enhance the experience of people who walk and work on DVRC to foster a sense of wellbeing and belonging. This will require an understanding of the history, culture, function and character of the street as well as the physical attributes of buildings, side streets and existing infrastructure. The Submission should focus on a range of cutting edge ideas, which put people and pedestrianisation at the forefront of planning and design and include the following:

Access and enhanced opportunities for people with reduced mobility
Access and social interaction for all, especially the elderly
Child-friendly spaces that enhance socialisation
Indigenous greening
Preservation of existing local heritage and culture sites/stores
Application of safety by design principles

Each submission should address the following principles:

Provide for an attractive, accessible and functional public open space that supports walkability and pedestrianisation to stimulate economic and social vibrancy
Facilitate a strong synergy between the trams and the public environment Provide a range of green corridors, street trees and landscape treatments that reduce the effects of pollution, provide shade
and enhance the walking experience
Ensure that footpaths and public spaces are accessible and sufficiently safe
Encourage use of public transportation (disincentives for private cars and taxis)
Integrate opportunities for cultural, creative and artistic expressions

Innovative design will be required for the pedestrianisation of DVRC to enhance the community’s quality of life and to contribute to an enriched experience of the urban environment.

Submission requirements:

Details of all design practices included in the team, along with a general overview of their backgrounds, project history and the key staff nominated to participate in the Competition (team skills and composition to demonstrate technical and professional capability)
Statement of design expertise across the team, aligned to and in support of the Competition and its themes (understanding and experience of the Submission requirement)
Statement of task appreciation, outlining an understanding of the key challenges and opportunities that are specific to the Competition (relevant background and experience to undertake a project of this scope and scale)
Statement design methodology, outlining the team’s intended design methodology to deliver the Competition Submission
Confirmation of availability to send two team members to Hong Kong in June/July for a site visit (to be funded by project sponsors of the Design Competition.)

The evaluation of the EOI will be an assessment against the Evaluation Criteria, which comprises the following themes:

Creates the condition for a high-quality public domain and open space network that values pedestrians over cars and is compatible and adaptable to the layout of the local district
Allows for social inclusiveness and diversity
Strengthens the qualities of place, identity, history and social character
Achieves a high overall standard of design excellence and innovation
Considers surrounding cultural and heritage sites
Fosters local art
Delivers best practice in environmental sustainability

The Jury will select 25 shortlisted candidates. From this short list, the Jury will narrow the teams to 5 who will be invited to participate in the final Competition and required to submit a compliant submission and will to present their submission to the Jury. All Submissions must be feasible, realizable and able to be implemented. Upon review of all Submissions and presentations, and in consideration of the Evaluation Criteria, the Jury will select one winner.

The 5 finalists will be selected to fly to Hong Kong for a site visit and meet with members of Walk DVRC’s Steering Committee, HK’s Planning Department, Hong Kong University’s Department of Architecture, Curators of M+ Museum as well as individuals who represent the Urban Renewal Authority, Clean Air Network, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative, Urban Land Institute, town planners, traffic consultants and District Councilors.

The 5 finalists will be invited to participate in an architecture competition for the pedestrianisation, with road sharing, of a 1.4km section of Des Voeux Road Central (DVRC) in Hong Kong’s Central Business District.

There is no entry fees to partecipate in this competition!

It's free to enter!

• Eligibility •

Walk DVRC International Design Competition 2018 encourages the participation of multi-disciplinary teams with a disciplinary mix that includes, but is not limited to:

• Architecture
• Urban design
• Planning
• Landscape Architecture
• Transport planning and engineering

• Prize •

The 5 Finalists will be given US$20,000 for use on production of their entries. These entries, submitted digitally, should take the form of a maximum of 4 A0 boards and may also be accompanied by animation/video.

The overall Competition winner will have the opportunity to speak at the Business of Design Week (BoDW), Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands, in Hong Kong in early December 2018 in the Culture and City track http://bodw.com/en/ to a large audience of international design influencers. All five Finalists will have their work displayed at a prominent venue in the city. In addition, the overall winner will be given US$30,000 with which to make a model.

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Organizer: Walk DVRC
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