In correspondence to WDC Taipei 2016, proposals shall be related to themes such as universal design, urban planning, and social design. Proposals shall emphasize on using design to solve social issues and fulfill public’s needs in order to benefit the public; proposals shall be implemented in a manner that attracts social resources and supports to ultimately facilitate improvements of the society (community). Design projects, exhibitions, research programs, online activities, and any other events on product design, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and food design meeting the aforementioned themes are all eligible.

The proposal shall manifest the spirit of social design, which emphasizes the use of design to solve social issues. World Design Capital Taipei has identified four major groups of development issues Taipei faces today: “Life Quality and Health,” “Ecological Sustainability,” “Urban Regeneration” and “Smart Living.” and calls for submissions according to these themes.

This proposal is restricted only to the city of Taipei and can be executed in all public areas including exhibition spaces, cultural parks, and local communities etc.
Design proposals must be tailored and offer visionary and creative design concepts for the issues faced by Taipei. Furthermore, citizen participation is needed to enhance public recognition.

This project provides a total collaborative budget of NTD 24 millions(Approximately 727,000USD), which will include at least two major proposals, and a minimum of 4 general proposals. collaborative budget exceeding NTD 5 million are considered Supernova proposals; collaborative budget requiring less than NTD 5 million are considered Planet proposals.

There is no entry fee for this Architecture Competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Architeture competition World Design Capital Taipei 2016 is open for all design companies, design organizations, design colleges, civic groups, social enterprises, innovation enterprises, diplomatic missions of Taiwan.

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