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The winners have been announced!

3d contest titled 3D Web Fest – Call For 3D Web Project Submissions is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

The event will showcase top 3D web creations with live presentations by their creators in a film festival format and club atmosphere. In an effort to evolve design on the web into the next era, the 3D Web Fest would like to raise visibility for new possibilities in web site development and design thanks to the support of WebGL on almost every device.

About competition

Show your most innovative commercial, non-commercial, experimental or game-based projects to leaders, influencers and creators in 3D Web.
The 3D Web Fest is seeking for websites that are the best mixture of music, art and technology, and exhibit what’s possible with the advent of 3D Web. The Web has transitioned from mostly text to an increasingly rich 2D image environment, and now the shift to 3D has arrived enabled by new Web standards and open source technologies. The 3D Web Fest brings together the best of the 3D Web—presented live—amazing, delightful, surprising and at times disturbing.
The event is scheduled for 13th May 2015, 7—10 pm at Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California.
Event sponsors include Autodesk, Goo Technologies, Leap Motion and Khronos Group.
There is no entry fee for this art competition!

For all further informations about competition 3D Web Fest – Call For 3D Web Project Submissions you can visit the following official website:

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