Each year, the Sausalito Art Festival, one of the most prestigious art festivals in America, asks people throughout the world to show us their vision of America. The theme of the new Art Competition is “How Americans Celebrate”.

Using photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, the organizers seek submissions by both professional and amateur artists that capture Americans celebrating their special events, occasions, holidays and interests.

Americans have many reasons to celebrate and Sausalito Art Festival wants to know what you celebrate and how you do so. Do you celebrate because of national or local holidays? Or, is it because of a cultural tradition or family occasion? Do you celebrate when your favorite team wins, or when you accomplish a personal goal? Based on your unique experiences, upbringing and beliefs, the organizers want to see how and why you celebrate the things that are meaningful in your life.

Last year, artists from 26 states and seven countries entered this competition.
Do you have what it takes to win cash prizes and be featured at the 2016 Sausalito Art Festival?

If you think you have an innovative, creative image and want to compete for cash awards and deserved recognition, you may enter the competition for $10 for the first image and $25 for three images.

Who can enter?

This art competition is open to all visual artists from around the world.


The winners of the event will win cash prizes of $3,000 and be exhibited at the annual Sausalito Art Festival, in front of thousands of artists and art enthusiastic from around the world.

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