Embracing Our Differences Exhibition Competition 2020 - Open Call For Artist Submissions

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This Embracing our differences exhibition competition 2020 now is over!

Embracing Our Differences Exhibition Competition 2020

Embracing Our Differences, juried annual art exibition and competition, recently has announce the new call for entries for 2020, inviting once again all artists to parti cipate and embrace diversity and celebrate individuality.


Annual art exibition and competition organised by Embracing Our Differences, an not-for-profit organization that uses the power of art and education to expand consciousness and open the heart to celebrate the diversity of the human family, recently has announced a new call for entries for 2020 inviting all artists, photographers, professionals, amateurs, teachers and students to partecipate creating a world where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.

The mission of Embracing Our Differences is to use the arts as a catalyst for creating awareness and promoting, throughout their communities, the value of diversity, the benefits of inclusion and the significance of the active rejection of hatred and prejudice.

Since 2004, Embracing Our Differences has used the power of art and prose to promote diversity. One way they accomplish this is through their annual international art exhibition in Sarasota’s Bayfront Park. Art is a powerful tool to evoke social change. Without uttering a single word, artists can enlighten, educate and effect change around the world. Embracing Our Differences invites you to participate in creating a world where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.

Submission requirements:

all submissions must be an original concept and execution.

your work may be any size and in any medium. However, you must create or scan and submit it as a digital file (JPG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, EPS, GIF, PNG, or AI). Your digital art must measure exactly 12.8” (325.12 mm) wide by 8.8” (223.52 mm) high. Art must have a horizontal orientation.

the digital copy of your art which is submitted should have the highest resolution possible and at a minimum no less than 300 dpi. A resolution of 600 dpi or higher is even better. The higher the resolution, the better your art will reproduce when it is printed in a large scale format (16 feet (5m) wide by 12.5 feet (4m) high) for display during the exhibit.

a separate sheet of paper with a brief (200 word maximum) “Artist Statement” explaining your art, your creative process and/or what the theme means to you.

there is no limit to the number of pieces of art you may submit. You may also submit works of art previously submitted to other competitions or to past Embracing Our Differences competitions.

Artists, photographers, professionals, amateurs, students are all invited to submit their interpretation of the theme “enriching lives through diversity”.

The centrepiece of Embracing Our Differences is an outdoor juried international art exhibit featuring 45 billboard size images (16 feet wide by 12.5 feet high) created by local, national and international artists, writers and students. The display reflects the artists' interpretations of the theme "Enriching lives through diversity".

Final selections for inclusion in the exhibit will be made by a three-judge panel of professional artists, curators and art professionals based on artistic excellence and originality in reflection of the theme “enriching lives through diversity and inclusion.”

Judges will also consider:

How effective the art will read when enlarged to billboard size (16 feet (4.9 m) wide by 12.5 feet (3.8 m) high) and displayed outdoors.
Is the theme clear and easily understood?
Does the art explore the theme in an unusual or previously unexplored manner?
Will the art and its message prompt discussion?
The winning artworks combine a deep understanding of both medium and message.

45 submissions will be selected for inclusion in the exhibit. The judges may select an additional three entries for "honorable mention."

The exhibit will be displayed January 19 through March 15, 2019 at Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota, Florida, USA.

There is no entry fee for to participate!

It's free to enter!


Artists, photographers, professionals, amateurs and students are invited to participate in this art exhibition.


Awards will be given for "Best-in-Show Adult," "Best-in-Show Student," and "People's Choice" categories, with the last chosen by visitors to the exhibit. Adult winners each receive $1,000, students receive $1,000 to be directed to their school’s art program.

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