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New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019

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New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019

New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019 now is over!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019 competition hosted by Liedts-Meesen Foundation has been recently opened for entries inviting submissions by artists worldwide.

Liedts-Meesen Foundation is hosting the New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019 competition and invites submissions by artists worldwide.

Despite the growing interest in various forms of artistic realizations, this nevertheless still is confronted with some limitations. Contemporary art is gaining in importance, but is only one facet of the overall contemporary artistic production. Art inspired by and in contact with the technological developments of today is not a mainstream interest. It is our aim to promote these contemporary art forms and further open them up to a wider audience.

From the very beginning, the Liedts-Meesen Foundation has made a clear choice for these little known forms of artistic expression. This conscious choice is consistent with the transnational goals of the foundation.

In the past, a painting or a sculpture could trigger emotions, could make a teenager blush, but the interaction was not reciprocal or was in any case limited. In works of technological art, the individual can directly or indirectly intervene in what he sees, hears, smells or feels. By manoeuvres like blowing, shouting, ... he/she can directly influence the outcome of the creation. Indirectly he/she may intervene in the chemical, electronic or software processes and thus the necessary degrees of freedom, in order to influence the full interactivity and reciprocal creation. This was not possible in earlier art forms. There may have been some attempts in theatre and architecture, but this activity was limited and usually not constructive.

NTAA’s mission is to expand the scope of contemporary artistic creations and traditional media with works using contemporary and new technologies in an original and intelligent way: treatment of sounds and light, use of new media, application of innovative evolutions in communications, telecommunications and broadcasting, centered on the world of information, communication, and computers and interaction. These descriptions are in no way restrictive and should be interpreted in the broadest way possible.

The aim of the competition is to present works in accordance with NTAA’s mission. The submitted work may have been exhibited previously, but the jury reserves the right to exclude creations that turn out to be not realizable within the limits of the practical possibilities of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation, keeping in mind that the works will be displayed during the exhibition. The basic equipment is available and at the disposal of the selected artists; specific and special equipment must be provided for and lent by the artists for the duration of the exhibition.

Artists can present their candidacy for 1 art work less than 2 years old at the time of its submission, but which may already have been exhibited. English is the working language.

During the month of May 2019, 20 projects will be selected and announced by June 1, 2019 on the offical website. After the announcement, the artists have the opportunity to introduce, between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, a detailed description of their project. These projects will then be realized in order to be exhibited from November 2 till November 24, 2019.

At the end of the exhibition and at the occasion of the international colloquium, the jury will award one single artwork. During the entire duration of the exhibition, each visitor can, with his or her entrance ticket, vote in favour of a work; the highest number of votes will determine the prize of the public. The prize of the European Commission will be given to a work that adds value to the European Union.

The competition winners will be announced at the final day of the exhibition.

There is no entry fee to participate!

No Entry Fee!There is no entry fee to participate!

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The New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2019 is open to all living artists, regardless of their origin.

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