Prisma International Art Prize 2019 - ART COMPETITION

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The Call for Artists is now open!

The Call for Artists titled Prisma International Art Prize 2019 is now open!

Prisma International Art Prize 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The 1st edition of Prisma International Art Prize, has been recently announced, organised by the cultural association Il Varco, is an exhibition competition entirely organized by artists for the artists.


The cultural association Il Varco and Il Varco s.r.l.s is happy to announce the very 1st edition of its Art Competition and exhibition titled Prisma International Art Prize. This competition is entirely organized by artists for the artists.

The Prisma Art Prize is a seasonal competition which becomes an annual group exhibit in Rome, Italy.

Il Varo wanted to create a place for artists to grow and share their work to each other. A happening that could really be a chance to measure and compare their own work with other artists from all around the world. A prize that could become an exhibition which awards the best among them. Organizer are looking for paintings, drawings, graphic art and engravings of any size and on any support.

The selection of the works will be carried out by an artistic jury. Within 48 hours from registration / receipt of the works, the artist will be notified of the inclusion/exclusion from the finalist stage, which allows them to remain in competition for the monthly prize and annual exposure and which involves the indefinite inclusion in the online gallery on the website The jury has the possibility to select an indefinite number of finalists and the winning work will be chosen among them.

The cash prize will be awarded to one of the finalist artists of the edition. The winner will be announced by May 31st 2019.

The Artistic Jury will select a number of artists among the finalists of the four quarterly editions for the organization of a collective exhibition in Rome, which will take place in 2020, by 31 June 2020.

The submission has a fee of € 25 and it allows the submission of up to 3 works.

Who can enter?

This art competition is open to all living artists without limits of age, sex, nationality and culture.


Every three months the jury will choose a winner among all the finalist works that will be awarded with 500 EUR of the cash prize. A total of 2000 EUR in cash prizes will be awarded every year to the best artists.

Moreover, once a year there will be a also the collective exhibition with all the suitable works. All the winning paintings, with the artist consent, will be exposed in a big collective exhibition in a gallery in Rome, Italy for a week, where collectors, gallery owners, art critics and enthusiasts will be invited.

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