Takeda Art/Help Overcoming 2017 - ART COMPETITIONS FOR STUDENTS

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The Call for Artists titled Takeda Art/Help Overcoming 2017 is now open!

Takeda Art/Help Overcoming 2017

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The 3rd edition of Art Competition within the framework of the socio-cultural project by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has been recently opened for entries open to all students of international arts institutes and colleges.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company together with the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts and the EKATERINA Cultural Foundation announced the launch of an international Art Competition for students of art schools and universities. The competition is held for the third time and means to be a part of the large-scale social-cultural project “Takeda. Pain and Will” aimed at supporting development of palliative care and new technologies in medicine.

The purpose of this competition is to identify the most gifted students of Art schools and Universities and also to attract the public’s attention to the importance of developing palliative care and new technologies in medicine.

The theme of the “Takeda. ART/HELP. Breakthrough” competition reflects the fast-paced development of modern technologies in all areas of human life as well as in medicine. However, as technology progresses it is important to remember such eternal human values as mutual support, human warmth and regard for each other, and caring for the ill.

The works submitted to the competition are to represent the artist’s interpretation of the theme using any style from figurative painting to abstraction. The works that participate are presented in various styles and techniques: painted canvases, drawings, watercolours or gouache on paper, and also graphic prints. Their dimensions don’t exceed 1 metre (on the longest side).

Applications for the Competition may be submitted via electronic form available online from June 18 through September 16, 2018, inclusive. Applications must include information about the artist (a photograph and brief biography), a brief annotation about the work, and an electronic image (1,200 x 1,800 pixels).

The award ceremony will be held in Moscow at the EKATERINA Cultural Foundation in December 2018. A separate section of the exhibition will present the works of well-known contemporary artists. These works will be devoted especially to the project’s theme.

There is no entry fees to partecipate!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This art competition is open to students of international arts institutes and colleges.


The 6 winning artists of the Takeda. ART/HELP. Breakthrough competition will receive monetary prizes from the organisers as well as a special prize from the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The 7 contestants will travel to Moscow to attend the opening of the exhibition of the finalists.

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