Valli del Natisone: Through Landscape 2017 - ART COMPETITION

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The Call for Entries titled Valli del Natisone: Through Landscape 2017 is now open!

Valli del Natisone: Through Landscape 2017 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this art competition:

Valli del Natisone: Through Landscape 2017

International Art Competition organised by Municipality of Stregna, in collaboration with several local organizations and associations, launches the Valli del Natisone – Through Landscape 2017.


This Art Competition is a cultural initiative that aims at connecting artists of different origins to an area that preserves and takes care of its history, traditions and natural landscape.

The organizers offer four residencies, with the aim of supporting artistic production in the first half of September 2017 in the Natisone Valleys area in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The Natisone Valleys are located in the eastern part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region (Italy), on the border with Slovenia. The peculiar fan-shaped valley system is composed by the valleys of the Natisone river and its tributaries Alberone, Cosizza and Erbezzo.
It is dominated by Mount Matajur: from its grassy peak the Adriatic Sea is visible. Land of strong migrations, the Valleys saw the passage of Venetians, Celts, Romans, Lombards and Slavs. The tight relationship between man and environment, the peculiar geographical position and the blending of different cultures make this area unique from a historical, cultural and geomorphological point of view.

Works which are being studied or set up are able to participate, including those with previous residencies or open-air rehearsals. All works that have previously had their debut or were shown completely anywhere in the country will be excluded.

Submitted projects will be selected at the incontestable discretion of the jury.
The project evaluation will be based on the criteria contained in the chart below:

Assessment of artist/company CV 0-20
N°under 35 members 0-5
Artistic contents of project 0-30
Project's internatioanl relevance 0-10
Project's level of innovation 0-15
Project's promotion plan 0-20

At the end of the residencies, a maximum of two projects might be chosen for inclusion in the theatrical season “Muggia Teatro 2018/2019”.

The selected artists will be guests in tourist homes with kitchen facilities, located in the Natisone Valleys area, between September 1st and 17th 2017 (sixteen nights).

In the residence period there will be activities aimed to get acquainted with the area and the artistic and cultural heritage of the Natisone Valleys.
Artists in residence will be warmly encouraged to take part at roundtables, artistic events and field trips aimed at triggering a virtuous exchange between guests and local people.
The organisation will provide, upon notice to the guest companies, a photographic and video documentation of some stages of the work.

The beginning of the activities is expected on September 2nd with a "round table" during which the winning projects will be presented.

Each artist and/or company will work in said residence with its own equipment, which has to be adequate to the available spaces.

Rehearsals will take place from September 3rd to 16th.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The announcement addresses artists and professional companies who work in the field of entertainment, live shows in particular: theatre, dance, music, visual arts, performance and multimedia.


This competition provides an award for a total amount of 2,000 Euro to be equally divided among the four selected projects.

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