Alpine Fellowship 2018 – Visual Arts Prize - ART PRIZE

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Art prize titled Alpine Fellowship 2018 – Visual Arts Prize is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

Alpine Fellowship 2018 – Visual Arts Prize

Deadline: Mar 15, 2018


art prize

Organizer: Alpine Fellowship

Link: Official Website

The Alpine Fellowship’s 2018 - Visual Arts Prize now is accepting applications for the best visual arts dedicate to "Childhood" that is the theme of the Alpine Fellowship Annual Symposium.

About competition

The Alpine Fellowship, a non-profit venture established for the purposes of promoting culture and the arts, now accepting applications for its art prize 2018 for the best visual arts response to "Childhood" — the theme of the Alpine Fellowship Annual Symposium.

In ancient literature you will find children, but you will not find childhood. The children portrayed in ancient texts are incomplete adults. They do not reach adulthood by passing through a world of their own, in which magic forces overcome all threats and maintain a regime of comforts. They do not enjoy a special kind of innocence, nor do they have an art and a literature in which children and their imagined companions take centre stage.
It is not clear when childhood was invented. However, it is certain that the German romantics are partly responsible for the way it is seen now.

We propose a discussion around the idea of childhood, as represented in art, music and literature, as studied by theologians and philosophers, and as represented in the culture of today. In this mirror, they suspect, the whole of modern life is now reflected.

All visual media including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, digital, and installation are eligible.

Entries are limited to 1 entry per person.

The Annual Symposium is scheduled for 21st–24th June, 2018.

There is no entry fee for this competition!


This competition is open to all nationalities, aged 18 and above.


The winner and two runners up are invited to attend the Venice symposium. Winner receives £2,000 and a further £1,000 towards shipping and installing the winning piece.

For all further informations about the competition Alpine Fellowship 2018 – Visual Arts Prize or if you want to submit your work you can visit the following official website: