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This Venus febriculosa design contest 10 now is over!

Venus Febriculosa, a website devoted to contemporary literature and the art and design of books now is hosting its 10th competition dedicated to Tom Phillips’s book named "A Humument". The purpose of this art competition is to foster interest in literature and its relation to the visual arts.


Tom Phillips is a painter, poet, composer, creator of series, illuminator, maker of books, illustrator and gloss of Dante’s Inferno, postcard collector, book cover designer, teacher, and recovering stencil addict. His work has also appeared on album covers, notably King Crimson’s Starless and Bible Black and Brian Eno’s Another Green World.

Since 1966, artist Tom Phillips has been transforming each page of a "found novel" (W.H. Mallock’s 1892 A Human Document) into a "visual-poetic artist"s book called "A Humument". The competition is to create an original visual-poetic work using Page 4 of the novel using any techniques and methods.

The Venus Febriculosa website is occasional sponsor of design competitions, and book collaborator (Lolita – The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design & This Way: Covering/Uncovering Tadeusz Borowski’s This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen).

There is no entry fee for this art comeptition!

It's free to enter!


Tom Phillips will select the winning submissions and each winner will receive a limited edition print from "A Humument" signed and editioned by the artist.


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