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FNSS MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition

CALL FOR ENTRY: FNSS Defense Systems Inc., the armored combat vehicle manufacturer of Turkey recently has opened new call for entries for its FNSS MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition inviting all professionals and students to participate.

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FNSS Defense Systems Inc., the armored combat vehicle manufacturer of Turkey is calling for entries for its FNSS MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition.

This competition is an important step in terms of making use of professional designers potential, and it’s purpose is to assist in raising designers for the defense industry, introducing young designers to professional circles and to support the activities in the development of indigenous products in Turkey.

Organizer is looking for a conceptual design of a hybrid, manned and remotely-controlled (in case of need) Military Land Vehicle with ballistic protection and modularity which enables the vehicle to change its mission capabilities when required.

There is a two categories:

Professional Category - Any person older than 18 years may take part in the competition as a professional designer without requiring any additional training or certificate. In individual and team participations, all participants must be 18 or over year of age.

Student Category - The students attending undergraduate level programs of the universities may participate in this category of the competition. Graduate and post-graduate students may not take part in the competition in the student category. Individuals with that status must be in the professional category.

Design requirements:

Usage and Control

- The driver must be able to operate the vehicle, under ballistic protection, with maximum situational awareness. The rest of the crew and dismounts who have to fulfill other operational objectives must also have maximum situational awareness.

- The vehicle can be remotely-controlled in case of need. Thus it must be equipped with suitable electronic hardwire.

- The advantages of remote control capability and operational situations must be explained with possible scenarios and fictional presentations.

- The vehicle must be designed in compliance with the strategic logistics plans of armies for the next ten years.


- If necessary the base vehicle must be designed to be converted into different configurations according to mission requirements. (Eg: Personnel Carrier, Ambulance, Mine Clearance, Reconnaissance, Recovery Maintenance, Command and Control).

- Although the participant is not responsible for designing vehicle variants, it can emphasize features that appeal to suggest, different and special scenarios and it can present examples. The vehicle is expected to be designed in its simplest form including mobility, protection, and load carrying capabilities as a modular vehicle other than its ballistic hull, power pack, and power train.

- The base vehicle design must be compatible to transform itself and/or modify by adding new features regarding specific mission requirements. (Eg: land and water mobility, ballistic protection, situational awareness).


- On Land: The vehicle must be able to travel under difficult terrain and climatic conditions.

- Climate Conditions: Tropical, desert and cold northern climates.

- Terrain: It must be capable of traveling on icy, snowy, muddy, rocky and sandy soil.

- In Water (swimming): The vehicle must be able to swim through inland waters like rivers and lakes.

The participants are expected to explain how these mobility characteristics shall shape the vehicle design.

External Dimensions

The maximum external dimensions of the vehicle are as follows:

Length: ≤ 8 m
Width: ≤ 3,6 m
Height: ≤ 3 m

Submission requirements:

Competitors may submit maximum 3 projects.

In projects, the design and features must be presented with diagrams and images presented from different angles.

All explanations/descriptions to be provided by a competitor on the project layouts must be in English.

After the MilDesign Committee has issued an approval to the effect that a competitor has met the preconditions, the competitor may not share its project with any third party until the end of the competition. If the competitor fails to comply with this requirement, its participation shall be deemed and void.

File Type (Format) : JPEG, PNG
Resolution (DPI) : 300 dpi (pixel / inch);
Sheet Size : Horizontal A3 size
Color Mode : RGB
Size : Maximum 10MB per file
Sheet Quantity : Minimum 2, maximum of 4

The project reports shall be drawn up by project owners and explain the project’s goal, how this goal shall be achieved, its innovative features, materials and technical specifications in English, which shall not exceed 300 words.

The project model file must contain the defined plain state (outer shell) of the completed product. Only STL format is accepted.

Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

Innovation: Creation of a vehicle concept with an innovative approach in design, presentation of original usage scenarios and modularity concepts are expected.


Design - Function Compatibility: The design is expected to include an integrative visual analysis and to ensure form - function compliance.

Level of Development and Detailing: The operational scenario and the technical details of the design and the extent of the details of its fictionalization shall be included in the evaluation.(e.g.: subjects like user - centered design, operation - oriented (functional) design, hosting basic mechanics solutions, defense concept, etc.)

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

• Prize •

The contestants of winning projects shall receive the following awards together with a plaque. All winning projects may be exhibited in national and international fairs attended by FNSS in 2019 with the name of the owner of the work and the first three prize - winning projects shall be published in competition related articles of the national and international journals. The Evaluation Committee may award honorable mentions to more than one project. Awards shall be presented by FNSS to the leader of each successful team.

Professional Category

1st place winner: TRY 100.000
2nd place winner: TRY 50.000
3rd place winner: TRY 20.000
honorable mentions: Certificate of Achievement

Student Category

1st place winner: TRY 20.000
2nd place winner: TRY 10.000
3rd place winner: TRY 5.000
honorable mentions: Certificate of Achievement

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