Ten Scary Minutes 2021

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Ten Scary Minutes 2021

Ten Scary Minutes 2021 now is over!

Ten Scary Minutes 2021: Ten Scary Minutes is the annual online smartphone horror movie making contest now in its 9th edition is calling for entries inviting everyone worldwide to participate with they best short ten minutes horror movie.

Short description

Ten Scary Minutes, the annual online horror movie making contest now in its 9th edition is calling for entries!

This is a grass-roots contest and everyone is invited to use non-professional equipment like smartphone, go pros, DSLR etc. The contest is intended to encourage people to use what they have and their creativity to explore movie making and digital storytelling.

You are invited to create a short, up to 10 minute horror movie. It may be Gothic scary, like Hitchcock, shock scary, mock scary or outright B-movie campy! The whole idea is to take that cool smartphone or action cam, use your imagination and have a little fun!

Your video contest entry may be less than but not longer than ten minutes. Most entries have been in the five (5) minute range with 90 seconds of credits which is perfect! But for those of you with a good story to tell, no more than ten (10) scary minutes!

Note! The contest opens for submissions August 1, with the submission deadline October 31st.

The contest results be announced November 31, 2021.

Who may enter?

The contest is open to anyone worldwide.


The best movie will receive $200.

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