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TinyPower Independent Comic Contest

TinyPower Independent Comic Contest

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International Monthly Illustrate-it Competition

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TinyPower Independent Comic Contest

International Monthly Illustrate-it Competition now is over!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Organised by ITS Groups, International Monthly Illustrate-it Competition is an competition for young illustrators that allows you to achieve your dream seeing your illustrations play roles in an animation opens up a whole new world for you.

It is not easy for anyone to produce animated video and be the animator of an animation. But this contest allows you to achieve your dream, and in the end, you can build a very successful profile for yourself. Seeing your illustrations play roles in an animation opens up a whole new world for you.

Making videos and designing and producing animations from the submitted designs requires a lot of time and cost, but by encouraging talented people, and valuable animation production, ITS Groups team will achieve its goal.
What are these videos?
These videos introduce famous short stories in the world and will be free for watching, and available to the children all over the world.

1. For each month, a short story will be the subject - theme - of that month's competition.
2. The characters of that short story should be illustrated which is the goal of all these competitions.
3. ITS Groups will produce an animation - which will be free to share on all platforms - from the "short-story."
4. Winning illustrations will be turned into an animated video by the animators.

The theme for November is ’The Princess and the Pea - By Hans Christian Andersen’


1. Prince
2. Princess
3. King
4. Queen

This competition is a combination of reading, illustration, competing and creativity.

Submission requirements:

The characters should be simple 2D line drawings or cartoons. All characters must be drawn individually on a white page without any background or colour. Drawing or Digitally created images.

Entrants should submit one illustration per character. The characters could be of any race and age. It means that if a story has 4 characters, you have to illustrate those 4 characters.

Entrants may submit as many illustrations per character as they wish, but each design must submit as a separate entry.

Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant.

The illustrations should not be published before.

The winners will be notified by 15th next month.

No Entry Fee!There is no entry fee to participate!

Who can participate? ⇣

This competition is open to anyone under 18 years old in the world.

Prize ⇣

£20 + Using the illustrations on a 2D animation with the Name/illustration of the winner on the crew list+ publication
ITS Groups will produce an animated video from the short story, and the winning illustrations will use as the main characters of that video. Name/illustration of the winner(s) will display on the crew list at the end of the animation.
The winner's illustrations for each competition will publish in e-magazine through Amazon.

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