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The Call for Entries titled Creative Conscience Awards 2019 is now open!

Creative Conscience Awards 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The Creative Conscience Awards 2019 has been recently opened for entries, welcoming projects by students and graduates from any creative discipline.


The Creative Conscience Awards, an platform for innovative ideas that encompass world changing creativity, has been recently opened for entries for 2019, open to all students of creativity across the globe.

Creative Conscience is a global movement that aims to improve the communities we live and work in, helping to transform the wider world. We promote socially valuable, human centred design that enables and inspires people to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better.

Creative Conscience's aim is to inspire designers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, freedom, social health and well-being. This awards are the perfect opportunity to push your curiosity and create the change you want to see in the world.

Organiser searching for exciting projects with a focus on social impact. You can enter anything you like, as long as the project fits into one of the Impact Themes. There are some exciting briefs that give a starting point if you feel you need it, tackling some of the most relevant issues that our world faces today.

Example Briefs

Open Brief

If you have an issue that you are passionate about, that you believe could help change the world in a positive way you could enter it under the Open Brief. You could identify something that isn’t working for you about the world around you and look for a solution. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions. The themes you might wish to explore can be broad and varied.
The Open Brief is your chance to create a project that deals with any issue you’re passionate about solving. Organiser are looking for solutions and provocations that have the potential to provoke action and have a genuine impact.

Mental Health

Negative experiences happen in all of our lives: difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback for example. Mental health can affect anyone. There are many ways we can cope with mental illness: establishing and maintaining relationships, discussing our issues and taking action when possible, however there are stigmas surrounding mental health that we unfortunately need to tackle...
How can you use your creative skills to aid those with mental health issues? If your life or the life of those around you has been touched by mental health issues, then use these experiences as possible entry points into the brief and as a means of research to explore potential routes and solutions.


Equality is a human right. Both men and women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Whether this be gender equality as a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty: empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole communities, improving the prospects for the next generation.
Can you think of a way to change current behaviours and inspire people to understand the value brought by treating everyone equally? You may simply want to raise awareness, or perhaps you can think of a way to actively change human behaviour and understanding.

Refugee Crisis

This brief has been set in partnership with Help Refugees. The most basic requirements for refugees to regain their independence are housing, language and employment. Without housing, people become destitute; without the ability to speak the local language, it is very difficult to get a job; without employment independence is almost impossible...
How can we creatively support the empowerment of refugees in host countries, and improve their access to opportunities? What creative solutions could help with this? How can we find creative ways to increase people’s chances of finding meaningful work quickly? Can you find ways to keep community at the heart of these proposals? Can you consider innovative ways for Help Refugees to raise more funds to allow us to do more for empowerment projects?

Conscious Consumption

The Conscious Consumption brief is an opportunity to create solutions to help re-direct our worlds trajectory towards self-destruction. This could explore themes on not just what we consume, but how and why. Where do the things we consume come from, and what are their impact e.g. environmental, psychological and/or societal. What methods could we use to design products that are sustainable and have a minimal or even positive ecological impact? And what would these products be? How could mindsets be shifted (especially in first world countries) away from misguided, and damaging purchasing habits? Why do we consume, and what are the often overlooked motivations for consumption – and are there ways we can nurture or redirect these energies? The solutions to these questions should aim to educate, inspire, excite and encourage new behaviours, so we can consciously consume.

The Creative Conscience Awards welcome projects by students and graduates (of up to two years) from any creative discipline.

Applicants are required to submit work under one of the following eight discipline areas:

Graphic Design & Service Design
Illustration & Animation
Product & Structural Design
Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design
Fashion & Textiles
Film & Photography

Creative work submitted has to have been created in the past 12 months from the start date of the competition.

You can enter the awards solo or in a team (of up to 6), and can choose your own issue to tackle or work from one of our exciting briefs.

Shortlisted projects will be judged by a panel of industry experts based on the creative approach and the potential impact of the project.

The winners of the Creative Conscience Awards 2019 will be invited to a networking Awards Ceremony in London (July 2019), providing a gateway into the professional world through mentorship or internships (through the CCA network) and profile building PR activities.

There is a minimal entry fee of 10 GBP.

Who can enter?

The Creative Conscience Awards 2019 is open to full or part-time creative students across the globe enrolled on a recognised undergraduate, postgraduate or higher education course, or those that have graduated in the past 24 months.


If you’re a winner you will receive an invite to the awards ceremony, hosted in London in July. At the ceremony you’ll get to mingle with creatives and professionals from complimentary organisations as well as other winners. Your winning work will be displayed on the official site, plus you’ll be invited to be part of the Creative Conscience Collective, a platform to communicate with other winners, past and present, and where exclusive events and opportunities are shared. Beyond the awards, they also help to bring the brightest and most innovative projects to life though their Impact scheme. Providing contacts and mentorship, they support you with your project helping to create tangible impact in the world.

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