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Cannes Lions Awards 2015

Cannes Lions Awards 2015 is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has been recently opened the call for entries for its 2015 edition of Cannes Lions Awards inviting all to partecipate.

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Cannes Lions Awards will recognise and award the year’s most exciting creative ideas across 16 categories, covering everything from traditional print and film communications to technology and product design.

All entries submitted must be designed for implementation, screening, transmission or publication, and the majority of the campaign must have been implemented/launched/released to the public between 1 March 2014 and 30 April 2015 (private screenings/previews not included).

Moreover, the Awards include Young Lions Competition, open to people working in the creative industries who are 28 or under (30 or under for the Marketers competition. Teams are challenged to complete a real-life brief from a global charity, under pressure and within a tight time frame, at the Festival before being assessed by the same experts who sit on the Cannes Lions Juries.

Entry fee for this design competition starts at 450 Euro that's aproximatly 500 USD. An 80 Euro that's aproximatly 90 USD late fee per entry will be added after the original 27 March 2015 deadline.

Eligibility ⇣

The Festival is open to all parties and organisations throughout the world including, but not limited to, those involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and the creative industries.

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The Juries will award Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions in each category to entries judged to be deserving of this honour. Awards credits and the associated trophies and certificates will be given to the entrant company.

As well as rewarding specific pieces of work, Cannes Lions gives several special awards to agencies and individuals. Depending on the type of award, the winners are either drawn from entrant agencies based on their ranking at Cannes Lions that year, or are selected by the Festival organisers as people or companies that have provided an outstanding contribution to the creative industries.

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