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D&AD Awards 2019

CALL FOR ENTRY: The 57th Annual D&AD Awards has been recently launched and now are open for entry, with eleven categories reimagined to highlight the best of the modern creative industries.

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The 57th Annual D&AD Awards has recently started accepting entries and like every year its mission is to recognise creative excellence in design and advertising around the world, in the belief that creativity can contribute to a better future for business and society. At the heart of this belief is the pursuit of a fairer, more diverse and more inclusive industry, adapted to the rapidly evolving needs of our changing world.

To coincide with D&AD’s mission, the chosen theme for this year’s Festival is "Shaping the Future". This theme is reflected in the Festival’s identity, designed by Village Green, and constructed around the dynamic interchange between 2-D and 3-D elements inspired by D&AD’s iconic brand and speaking to the foundations of creative expression. The identity will be revealed in three stages using experimental graphic forms and motifs that will evolve over the course of the campaign, with forms and objects ‘reshaping’ in a dynamic and unexpected way to highlight the inter-connection between the disciplines celebrated at the Festival.
Throughout the three-day event, leaders in creativity will share their thoughts and insights on the future, while attendees will enjoy a bigger series of talks, debates, briefs, workshops and parties all culminating in the 57th annual D&AD Awards Ceremony on 23 May 2019.

This year there are eleven categories reimagined specifically to represent the craft disciplines:

Production Design,
Sound Design & Use of Music,
Visual Effects.

You may enter the same work into as many categories as you like, both as a single and multiple execution.

Every entry will need to provide information about the brief, the context, proof of eligibility and further insights. PR & Media entries must also provide the brief, insights, solution/strategy & outcome.

The Jury Presidents of the craft categories will then form the Black Pencil Craft Jury to better spotlight standalone crafts to be judged in context at the highest and most prestigious level. Judging will take place between Friday 17 May 2019 to Monday 20 May 2019.

For all categories, judges will consider three criteria:

An original and inspiring idea.
Exceptionally well executed.
Relevant to its context.

For Media categories, judges will look for media thinking that enhances the brilliance of the creative idea and achieved success.

For PR categories, judges will look for PR ideas that are themselves brilliantly creative and achieved success.

For Creativity for Good categories, judges will also look for work that demonstrates the power to bring real and positive change to the world through creative thinking.

In Craft categories, like Editing or Illustration, work is judged first on the strength of the craft, then on how it contributes to the success of the idea.

Physical entry materials have to reach D&AD by 13 March 2019.

Entrants who are shortlisted will be contacted in late April and invited to pitch between 21-23 May 2019 at the D&AD Festival to a panel of judges and live festival audience. Winners will be announced at this live judging event.

Entry fee very depends on the category that is being entered. The deadline for entries is 20 February 2019, and entries received by 12 December 2018 will be eligible for a 10% discount on the entry fee.

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Winning work will receive a coveted D&AD pencil at Awards Ceremony, will be exhibited at the D&AD Festival post judging week, displayed at creative agencies all over the world and featured in the D&AD Annual and online archive – the definitive guide for creatives all around the world

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