New Design Competition are already taking place and new inputs are slowly modifying our urban and rural environments. New frictions emerge out of the co-habitation of remote meanings and contemporary habits, as they look for new territories to signify, places to re-inhabit, ancient relations to re-enact, basic coexistences to re-imagine.

BIO was founded back in 1964, making it the first design biennial in Europe.
It is an international platform for new approaches in design, structured as a long-term collaborative process, where teams of designers and multidisciplinary agents develop alternatives to established systems.

The Biennial of Design in Ljubljana,Slovenia works as a testing ground, where design is employed as a tool to question and improve our daily life, among different and multidisciplinary design approaches that touch systems, production, services, scientific research, humanistic issues, unexpected conditions for the production of our habitat.

The diverse array of topics resonates with both local and global demands, with its comprehensive projects aimed at creating resilient structures that develop over time, often beyond the duration of the Biennial.

The 2017 exhibition event is scheduled for 25 May–29 October.

There is no entry fee for this Design Competition!

It's free to enter!

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For all further informations about the BIO 25:25th Biennial of Design Ljubljana 2017 visit the following official website:


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