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Designpreis Halle International Design Competition 2017

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Designpreis Halle International Design Competition 2017

Designpreis Halle International Design Competition 2017 now is over!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Now in its 4th edition, Designpreis Halle, design competition has been recently opened for submission from all over the world looking for designs that examine the topic ’Time’ in an intense and creative manner – be it product-oriented or process-oriented.

Design competition Designpreis Halle in its 4th edition calling for entries all designers looking for designs that examine the topic "Time" in an intense and creative manner.

Continually recurring phenomena such as the course of the seasons, the alternation of day and night or ebb and flow once structured the individual´s rhythm of life and personal sense of time. These were replaced by ideal measuring systems like calendar, plans and clocks. They regulated and structured the conception of time, and they set the pace for the accelerated rhythm of industrial production.
As these systems are being transformed into a web of digital structures, a new, more flowing awareness of time is developing.
Time has, in the meantime, become one of the most limited and most precious immaterial goods.

The topic, »Time«, is of high current and global significance and brings up a multitude of interesting creative and practical, but also design theoretical or socio-cultural questions in environmental, economic, ethic and social terms.

It may include inventing new services or suggesting innovative applications or user strategies but also designing products that address our treatment of time as a precious resource in a socio-critical, narrative, poetic, sensual, functional or humorous way.

The number of entries is limited to one entry per participant or participating team.

Participants/teams may submit a maximum of five DIN A3 posters mounted on solid board (such as foam core, cardboard, etc.), showing products, designs or concepts (i.e. design drawings, models, animations or prototypes).

Additional information can be submitted in digital format as video(as H.264, Quicktime, MPEG4, max. length three minutes) or interactive presentations (as PDF, Flash). Alternatively a permanent link to the digital media can be listed in the online registration form.

An envelope with the name of the participant/s, containing a short CV (max. half a DIN A4 page per participant) and a description of the entry (max.550 characters including blank space) and a short description (max.200 characters including blank space)in German or English must be submitted.

There is no entry fee for this design competition.

No Entry Fee!

Who can participate? ⇣

Designers and students of all design disciplines under 40 years of age before the closing date of submission (January 31, 2017) can participate in this design competition.

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