Golden Pin Design Award 2017 - Design competition

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Golden Pin Design Award 2017

The Golden Pin Design Award 2017, design competition has been recently opened for entries, the only international huaren-focused design award in the world, inviting designers from around the world to flaunt products and projects that cater to the global Chinese-speaking, or huaren, communities.


The Golden Pin Design Award 2017 is an international design competition that accepts entries from individuals or companies that are selling, manufacturing, or designing products or projects in a Chinese-speaking country or region.

Chinese-speaking consumers demand products and designs tailored to their needs and desires. Given the variety of economic classes, lifestyle choices, and business opportunities in Chinese-speaking countries, astute design is crucial if brands want to remain competitive.

There are four award categories:

Product Design - articles for daily use, including (but not limited to): consumer goods, clothing and accessories, footwear, bags, cases and trunks, health and medical equipment.
- Household equipment, including (but not limited to): furniture, bathroom equipment, construction materials.
- Electronic information products, including (but not limited to): 3C products.
- Metal mechanical and electrical products, including (but not limited to): machinery and equipment, vehicles, bicycles, household appliances.

Visual Communication - advertisements, including (but not limited to): Graphic advertising material, posters, advertising light boxes, fonts, mascot design.
- Publications, including (but not limited to): publicity brochures, books, magazines, calendars and cards, newspapers, instruction manuals.
- Branding Systems, including (but not limited to): logos, corporate identity systems, behavior recognition systems, environmental indicator systems.
- Digital Content, including (but not limited to): digital animation, digital games, digital learning products, digital publishing products, digital videos.
- Information technology services and products, including (but not limited to): App mobile application services, internet products, communications network technologies and applications, process design.

Packaging Design - Industrial Packaging
- Product Packaging, including (but not limited to): 3C product packaging, consumer goods packaging, clothing and accessories packaging, footwear and bags packaging, cases and trunks packaging, health and medical equipment packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, household appliances packaging, food packaging, beauty products packaging, gifts packaging.

Spatial Design - including (but not limited to): homes, retail spaces, offices, public buildings, demonstration homes.

As the gauge for leading design in Chinese-speaking communities, the Golden Pin offers entrants an unprecedented opportunity to prove their prowess in the world's largest market.

Entered products and projects are assessed in three stages by an expert international jury.

Entry fee for this competition is 35 USD / 1000 NTD / 250 RMB.


This competition is open to individuals or companies that are selling, manufacturing, or designing products or projects in a Chinese-speaking country or region. International companies must have a subsidiary company or official dealer registered in a Chinese-speaking country.


The winners receive a Golden Pin Design Mark, an indicator of innovation that they can use to market their product or design project.

Just 15 to 20 of the winners receive a Best Design Award. All winners benefit from increased brand exposure through the public and media relations efforts of the Golden Pin team.


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