Design Competition Homi Maker Design Award is an initiative of HOMI in association with Artex, Centre for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany and under the patronage of CNA and Confartigianato for young makers who had not yet turned 35 years of age on 1st January 2016.

Competition conditions:

- Collection of work (craft object/s) must already be in existence, designed and made by the applicant.
- Applicant will not have exhibited their work at HOMI before.
The applicants must work in the field of artistic handicrafts and applied arts with contemporary overtones, making work with strong components of innovation, research and personal artistic expression.

There are 2 categories in which you can participate:

A total of 6 awards are available with 3 to be given in each category:
- living habits, home decoration and lifestyle.
- fashion & Jewels and fashion accessories.

The form attached to this invitation, must be fully completed and must be submitted in PDF format.

The candidates must send to the Organization Secretariat of the competition a submission dossier consisting of all of the following:

A - 1 product sheet for each product that you want to present. The product sheets must be written on the attached form (PDF format);
B - 1 photo for each product sheet (JPG or TIFF format, 500 pixel min.). Each photo must be free of copyright and must carry the indication of any photographic credits;
C - 1 explanation text of the works presented (PDF format);
D - 1 curriculum vitae filled in on the basis of the attached form (PDF format).

The selection of candidates will be made by a special Judging Committee, composed of experts and representatives of the involved institutions.

Thanks to the free participation in HOMI the winners can therefore present their work to a wide array of buyers; shop keepers, architects, journalists, art dealers, etc.,in the contest of Sperimenta, area of HOMI dedicated to innovative and research orientated designer maker ware - Italian and international.

Who can enter?

In this design competition can take a part all artists, young people with diplomas and/or degrees from all levels of artistic and design education, young people starting out in business.

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