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LDD Award 19

This competition has expired on

This Ldd award 19 now is over!

LDD Award 19

The LDD Award 19, design competition recently promoted and organized by artecasalugano with a goal to enhance and spread quality design, invites all designers, architects and sector-based companies to participate.


The LDD Award 19 is promoted and organized by artecasalugano – LDD, the innovative Living Expo held from 11th to 20th October 2019 in Lugano (Switzerland).

This competition recognizes the particular skills of all design disciplines: design for living, design for work, design of technological systems and product design.

The goal of LDD Award 19 is to enhance and spread quality design. The Award is assigned to the best product design, or prototypes, or objects, which production started no longer than 2 years ago (2017). Categories allowed to the competition are supplies and complements:

• furniture and complements for the house,
• bathroom,
• kitchen and office,
• outdoor furniture,
• lighting,
• appliances,
• home electronics.

The LDD – Award 19 nomination gives visibility to the general public, professionals and companies in the sector. How to apply?
To apply the following procedure must be followed:

Fill in the Application Form (1) in its entirety with personal and / or company data
Fill in the Object Description Form (2) for each candidate object
Pay the registration fee for each candidate object
Fill in the Admission Form (3), which will become a contract only if the object(s) will be selected by the Jury
Fully accept the Award’s Regulations (4)
All forms and requests must be sent to the following email address:
The candidate who is admitted to the second phase, can choose between two different exhibiting solutions at the event artecasalugano (11-20 october 2019)

• Collective exhibition in the Design Gallery -> the registration entails a cost of 200 chf (180 €) each object candidate. If the object passes the first selection phase, scheduled for September 10th, it will be exhibited in a collective area at a cost of 400 chf (360 €) and will be presented through the exhibition official catalog and a plaque with an accurate description of the object as well as of the designer.

• Individual and customizable exhibition -> the registration entails a cost of 200 chf (180 €) each object candidate. If the object passes the first selection phase, scheduled for September 10th, it will be exhibited in a pre-fitted and customizable 9 sqm stand at a cost of 1,870 chf (€ 1,690). Inside the stand, additional objects of the company may be exhibited, candidates or not in the competition.

The winner will be announced and awarded during Saturday night, October 19th 2019 with the presence of the Jury, city institutions and the press.

Entry fees:

July 22nd – August 25th 2019 - 200 chf (Swiss Francs)
August 26th – September 8th 2019 - 300 chf (Swiss Francs)
The students willing to take part to the contest, are not expected to pay extra money for exhibiting their object at the fair.


This design competition is meant for designers, architects and sector-based companies.


The LDD Award 19 consists of a sum of 5.000 chf (Swiss Francs), which the Jury will confer to the product that best fits criteria.

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