Winner of the previous phase of this Design Competition is the BOA One & Only by BOA-DESIGN.

BOA would offer an elegant solution to the need for quick refresh and ironing of few items. This all- in-one appliance should deliver a unique “worry-free” consumer experience. Time-to-market could be limited thanks to its integration in existing product and technology.

The aim of the 2nd phase is to tackle some critical aspects of the winning project of the previous phase, while proposing a new design and an improved usability in line with the requirements already specified in the previous brief and here further detailed. In particular, you are supposed to focus on the design of the front side.

For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

You are invited to focus once again on the scenario starting from the winning project of the previous phase, trying to actually envision how the user will interact with this appliance, what use the user will make of it, how the appliance will fit inside the kitchen or bathroom, the most common locations, and what added value this appliance actually brings.

Improvement/changes required:
Pros of BOA One & Only
- All in one – compact solution for modern urban spaces;
- Integrated steam ironing – seamless process which saves time and conveys CARE message;
- Innovative and meaningful consumer experience.

Cons of BOA One & Only
- Double doors;
- Aesthetics could be better suited for contemporary homes (kitchens and bathrooms) and lifestyles;
- Integrated touch screen. Is it really necessary in the Smart & Connected home of the future? Would look better without!

1. The solution proposed by BOA DESIGN features a front panel sealed to the door of the washing machine, devoted to ironing the clothes. However, the use of two doors might be bulky and in contrast with an effortless and easy-to-use solution, as the user has to open two doors in order to access the washing functionality. You are thus invited to propose an alternative to make the front side more user friendly. In particular, try to find the best way to access the various functionalities of the appliance with ease, taking into consideration a daily use and the space usually available in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

2. The solution proposed by BOA DESIGN suggests an interesting way of using steam to iron the clothes. You are invited to verify and further enquire if this is the best solution or if there could be alternatives for both conveying the steam inside and for its extraction.

3. As a potential final costumer of this appliance, how would you react to its ironing capacity? BOA DESIGN described this solution as “enabling the user to quickly steam iron a few items”. You are invited to propose a solution able to steam iron a complete out-fit, consisting of at least two items. Considering the various dimensions of the clothes, think of a better way to arrange them during the ironing cycle, further enquiring the roller proposal or trying new solutions.

4. The project by BOA DESIGN features a control panel attached to the front door, which goes out of view changing position once the door is open. In this phase, you are instead invited to find a solution which enables the users to access the control UI at any time. In addition, you are required to further explore the user experience, suggesting a minimal UI on the appliance itself allowing only the daily used and most crucial interactions, while richer interaction are transferred to a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch etc.

In order to better introduce your project and explain the real benefit it brings, you are invited to prepare a short presentation based on the "Product Value Proposition" template.

Other aspects:
Functions: the ALL-IN-ONE appliance you suggest shall maintain the functions of the winning project, that is washing, drying and ironing. You are invited to suggest any possible improvement for each function, starting from the overall scenario and potential usage.

Dimensions: in order to make your project more feasible and suitable for most home environments, your proposal should comply with the following size: 60cm width and 85cm height max. As far as the depth size is concerned, it should fit a standard set-up: for example, the deeper the additional door module, the smaller the appliance; ideally the additional door module should be in the 5-10cm depth range.

Style: you are invited to re-interpret the style of the BOA DESIGN proposal, provided your projects respect the overall brand image and identity of Electrolux.

Logo: as required for the previous phase, the logo should always be visible on your appliance (see Material files for the logo).

Extra challenge (nice to have): if you want to take your project even further, you are invited to evaluate if this additional door module might be offered as a separate accessory to integrate in a washing machine already owned by the user, trying to suggest a feasible solution that meets this challenging requirement.

Deliverables: for this second phase you are invited to upload all the images that better present your projects, including rendering, multiple views, CAD and 3D files. We remind you that you can attach your “ Product Value Proposition ” filled in with your info inside the .ZIP archive where you can also include further materials. Don’t forget about the abstract and description to give further info about your projects. You can submit as many entries as you like!

Who can enter?

Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older. Participants can present one or more projects, but only the projects published on the www.desall.com web site, via the upload page related to “One & Only Laundry Appliance” will be accepted.


1st: €3000
The selection of the winner by Electrolux will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

For the duration of the option right, the Client offers an extra chance to all participants setting a price of Euro 2,000.00 (two-thousand/00) for the purchase of all rights for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

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