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Sprech Agorà Design Competition 2018

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Sprech Agorà Design Competition 2018

Sprech Agorà Design Competition 2018 now is over!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Sprech Group, italian company, has recently announced new design competition dedicate to all independent professionals and companies, giving them the opportunity to present their architecture and design projects during the design event, with a major focus on street furniture and landscape elements.

Design competition organised by Sprech Group and titled Sprech Agorà Design Competition 2018 gives to all independent professionals and companies the opportunity to present their architecture and design projects, with a major focus on street furniture and landscape elements.

The historic centre of Martano (Lecce), the heart of Grecìa Salentina, will be where the roads of design, innovation and artisanal tradition intersect, giving life to a dynamic creative success.
The event aims to promote each of the steps leading to the creation of something new - idea, project, choice of material and production - and to encourage dialogue between new generations of professionals and manufacturing organisations. The programme promises a lively discussion on themes from architecture and design, and on the challenges of the future, with particular attention paid to functionality, aesthetic interest and environmental sustainability.

Independent professionals and companies will have the opportunity to present their architecture and design projects, with a major focus on street furniture and landscape elements. The audience will be inspired, participate in workshops, and discover new trends. For those taking part in the competitions, not only will Agorà Design be a prestigious showcase, but the possibility to transform an idea from pencil to prototype.

As in the previous edition, the Sprech Group works to prototype the best projects for potential commercialisation.
From design to market, to ensure innovative projects have the chance to undertake the production journey that will make them the protagonists of everyday life.

The event has the purpose of promoting and representing the potential for the manufacturing sector and also to allow national resources and intelligence to emerge.
“Sprech Agorà Design 2018” is therefore an opportunity that will promote this process which encourages a place of meeting and synthesis between the tradition of creating and new trends, with the aim of developing an inevitably European identity.
It proposes to contribute to the development of the manufacturing sector, to providing new alternative operators of design by starting from their production techniques and developing competitive product lines that match the needs of the markets of reference.

Participants are asked to design and create 1 or several prototypes with companies in the sector, basing their projects on innovative materials.

Participants are called to propose unprecedented and original projects that are representative of the field of DOMESTIC FURNITURE FOR INTERIORS, characterised by design, functionality and environmental sustainability, which feature innovative methods of use and unprecedented applications of materials with a strongly Italian/European character.

The required drawings are:

a) a table which concisely and fully illustrates the projects with three-dimensional representations such as axonometric projection or perspective, accepted also in rendered version.
b) a table containing technical drawings with the sizes and technical solutions envisaged by the project.
c) a table intended to freely present anything that may be useful for understanding the project: decoration studies, surface treatment, material samples, instructions for use, settings, etc.
d) a summary table containing the greatest number of instructions possible for communicating the project to the audience, suitable for display during the event.
e) the participation file (attached to the announcement) and the completed project description form (attached to the announcement) completed fully in editable PDF format.

The drawings must be presented according to the following specifications:

a) all project presentation drawings must be in landscape format, measuring 70 x 50 cm.
b) the designs must make use of widely accepted or known conventions; for rendering designs and any other creations, processing techniques are unlimited.
c) each explanatory table must be sent in jpeg format with a resolution no lower than 150 dpi.
d) the summary table must be in portrait A4 format and have a resolution of 300 dpi.

The Evaluation Committee, formed of influential members from the design, architecture, marketing and enterprise sectors, will select the most innovative project ideas that meet the theme, also by following feasibility criteria for the projects themselves.

Evaluation criteria:

Coherence with the theme
Production feasibility of the project
Quality of the design
Innovativeness of the projects presented

There is no entry fees to partacipate in this competition!

No Entry Fee!There is no entry fee to participate!

Who can participate? ⇣

The competition is aimed at architects, engineers, designers, creatives, young professionals and students without any limitation to age or nationality.

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