The theme for 2016 Yilan Chair Design Competition is “Children’s Chair” and the competition is dedicated to educative and entertaining chairs designed specifically for children aged between 4–12.

The Yilan Chair Design Competition was established to showcase the passion and friendliness of Yilan residents, together with the natural beauty of Yilan County. It is not only the first Design Competition brand to focus on a city in Taiwan it is one of only a handful of design events worldwide to adopt the theme of “children’s chairs.” Over the past three years more than 2,100 works have been submitted by participants from nine different countries.

As the Yilan Chair Design Competition heads into its fourth year, the 2016 event will divide works into two categories – “Creative” (Group A) and “Practical” (Group B).
In the “Creative” category judges will be looking for children’s chairs that best relate the story of Yilan. The main objective in the “Practical” category is to submit a work that can be mass produced and marketed.

Individual and group applications can be submitted. Groups must have a maximum of three members.

There is no entry fee for this Design Competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Anyone interested in design irrespective of age, occupation, place of residence or nationality, can sign up to take part in the competition.


Three main prizes Gold, Silver and Bronze and five Merit awards will be announced in September 2016. A total of NT$100,000 will be awarded in cash, together with certificates for the awarded individuals or teams.

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