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2018 ACC Design Contest

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2018 ACC Design Contest

2018 ACC Design Contest now is over!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Asia Culture Center ACC is holding a 2018 ACC Design Contest to come up with innovative designs and various cultural products.

Asia Culture Center (ACC), placed at city of Gwangju, South Koera, is holding a 2018 ACC Design Contest to come up with innovative designs and various cultural products.

The Asia Culture Center (ACC) runs the Asia Culture Research Institute to host research projects related to Asian culture under the motto of creation and execution, and spread the outcome of the research through contents in various forms and exchange programs.

The purpose pf this design contests is promoting the diversification of ACC products by utilizing various innovative design ideas from professionals, students, and people interested.

Applications will be accepted from all individuals/teams who are interested in the ACC (no limit to nationality).

Themes of the Contest:

Any inspiration from the ACC’s programs
“Gwangju”, the Hub City of Asian Culture
Democracy, Human-rights, and Peace
“Forest of light”, the architecture and ACC
Cultural resources related to Asia (including that of Gwangju and of the region)

Submit requirements:

There are no limitation on layout and expression. No limit to the number of submitted artworks.
Submits can be either new pieces or previous artworks, as long as these have not been entered in other contests or competitions.
Size A2 / color / resolution over 300dpi / jpg format
In consideration of applying to goods or products, submitted designed-artworks should be produceable-quality

The copyright of the artworks belongs to the submitter. However, the rights of use and management of the entries will be vested in the ACC in accordance with the purpose of the competition.

Selection Criteria:

Creativity - 25
Originality and relevance of the theme - 25
Aesthetic composition - 25
Potentiality to merchandising - 25

8 award winners will be invited to take part in the special sessions for producing trial goods (prototypes) which will be on display from 18 September to 11 November, 2018 at the ACC Culture Shop. The Awards Ceremony is scheduled for 18 September 2018 on Conference Hall, ACC.

There is no entry fees to partecipate!

No Entry Fee!There is no entry fee to participate!

Who can participate? ⇣

2018 ACC Design Contest is opene to all individuals/teams who are interested in the ACC.

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