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8th Annual ’Patterns, Textures & Forms’ Online Art Competition

8th Annual ’Patterns, Textures & Forms’ Online Art Competition | design contests

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announces their 8th Annual “Patterns, Textures & Forms” Online Art Competition inviting 2D and 3D artists from around the world to make online submissions for ...

Redefining the Drinking Glass

Redefining the Drinking Glass | design contests

TRAGA invites all designers and creative minds to participate in the Redefining the Drinking Glass, encouraging designers, creatives and anyone passionate in design, to explore their creativity freely ...

Superintelligence Imagined Creative Contest

Superintelligence Imagined Creative Contest | design contests

The Superintelligence Imagined Creative Contest, organized by the Future of Life Institute, recently opened for entries seeks to inspire creators to generate compelling educational materials that high ...

Pictoplasma Berlin 2025: Characters In Motion

Pictoplasma Berlin 2025: Characters In Motion | design contests

The Pictoplasma Berlin 2025 Animation Festival now is calling for entries and like very year seeking for any high-grade characters in animation, narration, music visuals, experimental work or motion g ...

Better Design Award 2024

Better Design Award 2024 | design contests

Better Design Award (BDA), an international comprehensive design award that recognizes works and companies that demonstrate design excellence and innovation around the world, has been recently opened ...

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