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The Call for Entries titled Cristalplant Design Contest 2017 is now open!

Cristalplant Design Contest 2017

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Now in its 9th edition, the Cristalplant® Design Contest is the contest promoted by Cristalplant® in collaboration with TORTU, and aimed at identifying innovative washbasin designs with Biobased Cristalplant® as construction basis and inspired by the TORTU style.


Cristalplant® launches the Dutch Design Contest 2017, this year intended for architects. Creativity, innovation and technology are the focal points of this initiative.

The Cristalplant® Design Contest in collaboration with TORTU wants to draw the attention of the more eclectic designers, and ask them to put their creativity at work by interpreting Cristalplant® for the development of innovative and research products. The washbasin must be appropiate for use in luxury (rentall) appartments, hotels en office buildings and with the material Biobased Cristalplant.

Participants must propose and develop an eclectic and original washbasin design constructed out of Biobased Cristalplant and inspired by the Tortu style.

Cristalplant can be adapted to any form and concept: fluid, organic, perfectly planar, circular or faceted and angular. It is the absolutely ideal material for giving life to soft touch effect creations. The washbasin must be appropiate for use in luxury (rentall) appartments, hotels and office buildings.

For each washbasin design, participants must present 3.jpg renderings, 150 dpi resolution and size 210x297 mm, A4.

The project(s) selected by a jury (composed of qualified personalities from the design and furnishings world), will be presented to the public and the press during the awards ceremony which will be held at the Tortu showroom in Rotterdam during the month of September. There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This contest is open to architects of all ages and nationalities.


The jury will choose the winner among the selected designs, which will be included in the TORTU catalogue. The manufacturing of the product, by 2018, will be at the sole discretion of TORTU. There are therefore significant opportunities of increased visibility for the winner, who will be able to join famous designers and face important growth possibilities.

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