Future Cities Contest: Cities For A Flying World - DESIGN CONTEST

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The Call for Entries titled Future Cities Contest: Cities For A Flying World is now open!

Future Cities Contest: Cities For A Flying World

CALL FOR ENTRIES - HSE Graduate School of Urbanism is hosting its first international Design Contest titled Future Cities Contest titled Cities for a flying world dedicate to students and young professionals with aim to promote discussion and research in order to generate insights and visions about the city to come.


The aim of this Design Contest is to promote discussion and research in order to generate insights and visions about the city to come, and to contribute to the development of flying technologies that will transform our environment in future.

The challenge is to design a project related to the future of cities when flying technologies are widespread. Humanity is trying to achieve new heights and transform the air into the new ground. Even though people already know how to fly, how will the world change when flying devices are everywhere? Who would be new pedestrians in a city of self-driving vehicles and how will social life be changed? What will happen when a window of a house becomes a door to your flying car? There are a lot of scenarios presented in books and the movies about future of cities, but a future like this is coming soon.

Participants are free to decide on the subject, scale and location of the project and can develop a project for a new city, new building, new device, new social platform or a mix of all of the above.
Organiser looking for the best proposals with ideas for the world to come (in the not too distant future), where flying technologies will change the way we work, live and play in the city.

Participant proposals should consist of the following:

1) A brief description in English (max 350 words) outlining the key concepts of the proposal.

2) Graphic materials: site plans, floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, perspective drawings, photographs of physical or digital models, axonometric drawings of any scale, artistic sketches and collages. The graphic materials should be presented in the form of DIN A-3 panels in PDF format (minimum 1, maximum 3, each not exceeding 5 MB).

3) Video(optional): a 3-minute (maximum) video that presents the key concepts of the proposal. Participants are free to choose the style of the video: text, images, animation, etc. The video should be submitted in the form of a link to a YouTube channel containing the video. Any subtitles should be in English.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This competition is open to architects, engineers, planners, designers and experts from any discipline who want to contribute to progress in making the world more habitable by developing ideas that could change the way we design, build and live in cities.


The best three projects will be awarded with monetary prizes. The 1st Prize is 180,000 Russian ruble, that's approximately 3,000 Euro, the 2nd Prize is 120,000 Russian ruble and the 3rd Prize is 60,000 Russian ruble.

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