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This Ideasxwood 2018 by tabu now is over!


TABU Spa organizes and promotes the 1°edition of the Design Contest titled IdeasXwood 2018 inviting all designers professionals and students alike to participate.


The TABU Spa, located in Cantù, international reference in the dyeing technology of natural and multilaminar wood, organizes and promotes the 1° edition of the Design Contest, IdeasXwood 2018 aimed at the design of:

Geometric, organic or combined decorations according to one of the following methods:
1. aimed at the creation of multilaminar veneers, 650 x 3060 mm;
2. aimed at the creation of industrial inlays (i.e. Graffiti Collection by Tabu) both on dyed natural veneers and on multilaminar veneers - or freely assemblable - for the production of 1260 x 3060 mm panels;
3. aimed at the development of three-dimensional surfaces (i.e. Groovy Collection by Tabu) made with the technique of the embossed relief or the bas-relief for the production of 1260 x 3060 mm panels;

Artefacts, furniture, objects or furnishing accessories to be created with the use of the surfaces of the 555.18 collection by Tabu or developed as per the previous point.
The submitted solutions shall be original and unpublished and aimed at enhancing the company’s work. The aesthetic quality of the presentation, considerations about the economic feasibility of the project and attention to the environmental impact with the use of FSC® certified wood / veneer will be positively evaluated.

For both categories it is allowed to participate as individual or in a group. If a group includes both students and professionals, the group will fall into the Professionals Category. Each participant, as individual as well as group, is permitted to submit up to a maximum of 3 projects.

Submission requirements:

All documents must be delivered in digital format and, complete with all the notes and technical details on what is necessary for the eventual production of the project. Each project must include a maximum of 3 tables - one with the complete pattern and the other two, optional, with the details - and the document with the general description.

To let experience its working activities, Tabu will organize one or more Open Days or Webinars - on dates to be defined, which will be communicated by email to the already registered participants and announced on the website - open to all the participants who want to have a training session on the company, its production and strategies. On these occasions it will be possible to ask for more information aimed at the development of the projects.

Projects must be uploaded in the appropriate section of the website no later than March 15th, 2019 h 12 pm.

The finalists of the competition will be officially published on the officil website and on Facebook immediately after the Jury’s deliberation.

The location of the prize-giving ceremony night will be communicated by January 31st, 2018 on the website

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!


The participation in the competition is open to:

• Professionals Category: all Italian and foreign designers (a specific qualification or diploma/degree id not required) between the ages of 25 and 39.
• Students Category: all Italian and foreign students of the Universities of Architecture and Engineering, Design Schools and Institutes and Fine Arts Academies.


The winner of each of the two categories will be awarded the opportunity of a journey of the indicative duration of one week, with travel and accommodation costs entirely borne by the company, including a workshop in a prestigious design firm in the US or in Asia, which will be announced during the prize-giving ceremony.

In the case of groups, the appointed group leader will attend the workshop. The winner of the Professionals Category will have the right to convert the prize into a cash prize of 5,000 Euros net.
This possibility is also recognized in the Students category if the winner is a Group and the members prefer to unanimously divide the cash prize, by written declaration that will be requested by the organization before the announcement of the winner.
There will be minor awards for the 2nd and 3rd places as well as the awarding of honourable mentions, such as, but not limited to, the FSC® mention for the works that have reserved a special attention to the values expressed by the FSC® certification. In any case Tabu reserves the right to produce prototypes of the projects of the competition and to eventually put them into production. In this case the designers will be paid a royalty fee regulated by an agreement independent from this Competition Announcement.

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